PlayStation Now Beta Extending To All 2014 4K TVs & “Selected 1080p” Models

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Now beta will be extended to some of its TVs from the June 30th in the US. However it appears, at least according to the company statement, that only 2014 models will be eligible to be used for the Now beta. This will include all Sony 2014 4K models and only a selection of its 1080p TV products, though which ones exactly were not confirmed by the company.

Considering this news was bundled with the announcement of a new 4K TV model, it really appears the electronics giant is pushing the latest television technology. If you do want a 4K TV  from Sony the current cheapest model is the 48.5″ X850B, which costs $1999.99. I you’ve got the cash to splash then you can get the 84.6″ X950B for the sum of $24,999.99. It seems a little odd that Sony would cut off TVs that were produced before 2014 that could otherwise be capable of running the beta.


If people have recently bought a new TV PS Now may not be enough to upgrade so soon. In fact if people already have a decent HD TV it’d be much cheaper to buy a PS3 or PS4 and try to access the beta that way, or wait for the public release of the service.

Source: Sony 



  1. I read somewhere some hardware had to be added to the TVs. Something to do with type of bluetooth for DS3.

    • If that’s true I’m surprised Sony didn’t put them in previously as you would expect them to be aware.

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