PSN “Experiencing Issues”, Sony Don’t Know When It Will Be Fixed

Well that’s has put paid to me trying out the new Killzone DLC then hasn’t it? Yes, the PSN has thrown a wonk and is currently offline.



“We don’t have an estimate time, we are working to solve the issue as soon as possible, please keep trying,” tweeted PlayStation support.

Infinity Ward seem to think the cause of the problem is that the system is overloaded but there does not seem to be any reason to the surge in use. I managed to download the system update even though the PSN is offline so it cannot be that.

Our old pal Josh has also tweeted “Don’t try and upload a Vita save, it crashes the console!” so I suggest everyone has a nice cup of tea and watches the football, who are we meant to be cheering for, France or Ecuador?

UPDATE: Seems to be back, now  I just have  to wait for  the 5gb Killzone Co-op expansion to download, meh.

Source: Sony



  1. Well that explains why the Red Dead meet was such a mess tonight!

  2. Depends if you like the Swiss! A win for Ecuador would knock them out. A draw or win for France and the Swiss go through.

    Bullshit about PSN. First time I’ve turned my PS4 on in a fortnight as there’s actually something worth playing, and surprise surprise, it’s all bollocksed.

    • Oh OK, my company’s head office is in Switzerland so yay Swiss. Go the Frenchies!

  3. Haha, PlayStation Notwork, funny stuff. I hope they fix it quick, wonder what the issue is.

    • Probably the colossal amount of Resogun Spaceships what have been uploaded.

  4. It’s back on for me

  5. I apologisefor the inconvenience, I had to momentarily unplug both my PS3 and PS4 to hook up my new Xbone. Must have caused a shudder through PSN, this being a result of the following butterfly effect.

  6. Bah, waiting for Xbox fanboy to make sniggering comments on PSN.
    Xbox LIVE was having issues to lastnight, the service status website listed faults with logging in, playing purchased content, purchasing content and accessing friends/account info via the XB1.

    Hence I had to watch One Born Every Minute with the missus as both my escapes were not working!!

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