Sean Murray Talks No Man’s Sky & The Story Behind It In This Video

Sean Murray of Hello Games has been speaking to the PlayStation Blog about No Man’s Sky, and the challenges the team has faced in creating such a huge title. This includes the time when Hello Games’ studio was affected by the floods that hit the UK this past winter. He also revealed a bit more about what players can expect from No Man’s Sky, saying that players will be in danger quite a lot of the time.


It’s a rather fascinating interview that shows how much No Man’s Sky, and Joe Danger, means to Hello Games. I’d recommend you all watch it if you’re looking forward to the game as much as I am. We went a bit No Man’s Sky mad this week so you can read Peter’s preview of the game, our interview with Hello Games, and about the technical craft behind the title.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I want it now!

  2. It’s always good to know where the ideas for games come from and what the developers are aiming for.

    It’s typical you go “a bit No Man’s Sky mad” this week as I’ve been away with no wifi or 3G, will catch up on the rest of the posts over the weekend.

  3. The more I hear the more exciting and wondrous No Mans Sky sounds, can’t wait! And I forgot they were Guildford based, if you’re ever in need for an inept to nip round for an interview, my hands in the air!

  4. TSA has been great about coverage for this game, well done giving the people what they want!

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