The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 Bundle Officially Revealed

Sony have officially unveiled their latest PS4 bundle, which includes the system, a DualShock 4 and a copy of The Last of Us Remastered. It initially leaked four days ago, via a listing on Amazon France.

As expected, and in-line with the leak, the bundle will retail at $429.99. There’s no word on UK pricing as of yet, though we can assume it’ll be around £385, as previous game bundles have been in the UK.

The bundle will release alongside the game itself on July 30th in Europe.

Source: PS Blog

UPDATE: According to Eurogamer, the bundle will cost £374.99 in the UK. With the gaming coming at around £40-45, that’s a good deal.



  1. How exciting, lol!

  2. Wow £5 off the rrp and a copy of the game with NOT FOR RESALE stamped across the cover. Bargain.

    • Yeah, I’m feeling less enthusiastic now, although the bundle box does look quite classy.

  3. I just want the steelbook edition to be announced!

  4. I did not see this one coming :|

  5. Not sure many people will be jumping ship to next gen with a remaster being their first game, but who knows…

  6. I was hoping for something nearer the £350 mark, guess I’ll be waiting a tad longer then!

    • I was going to post this too. I read they’re doing a £10 upgrade option. Anyone got confirmation of that?

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