The Last Of Us Remastered Will Run At 60FPS Naughty Dog Confirms

Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog directors, have taken to Twitter to confirm that The Last Of Us: Remastered will be running at 60fps when it releases on PS4. Previously the studio had stated it was targeting that frame rate in an interview. This is the first actual confirmation of that target being met.

Earlier today a The Last Of Us PS4 bundle was confirmed by Sony, retailing at $429.99 or £374.99 in the UK. The game and the bundle will both be releasing on July 30th.

Source: Twitter



  1. “Squeals”
    I’ve completed The Last of Us so many times I’ve lost count & I’m literally counting the days until I can bask in all its glorious 60fps 1080p loveliness once again.

    • Is it really that good!? I can’t wait to get this for my PS4

      • For whatever my opinion is worth to you then yes, it really is that good.
        The game can be played & appreciated on many levels but to get the most out of it IMO you need to put yourself in a survival mindset, every scenario you try to survive, it helps to break the illusion that you’re playing a game.
        I’m confident to say you’re in for a treat.

    • Same here. I’ve played it several times. Unlike other games, it’s actually fun to play it on all the difficulty settings, even easy, because the gameplay changes with each version having it’s own characters and style.

      The reason why the game is so replayable and you never get tired of it, is because the combat and strategy gives you a lot of freedom to try different ways of doing stuff. So confrontations always turn out different each time you play it and you always feel like your on the edge trying to survive on your enginuity.

      But the real draw are the characters. They are so well formed, you grow to love them as the game progresses so that you really care about them, then you miss them when the game is over, calling you back. I’ve not played it for several months now and I miss Joel and Ellie but I’m holding out for the remaster so I can revisit them in high quality. I’ll be playing it several times again on all the difficulty settings, starting with normal first.

      I just wish they would include a coop survival multiplayer mode where you and your buddies fight swarms of AI infected, instead of the boring pvp multiplayer. The game cries out for it because we got a taste of what it would be like in single player when you fighting along side Bill. I would pay extra for a coop survival mode DLC. It would give the game longevity like the coop arena in Uncharted 3. People are still playing that now and it’s always great fun.

  2. I should hope so. If they can’t get a PS3 game to run at 60fps there’s no hope for us.

  3. Have they confirmed whether single player saved games will transfer? I know mp doesn’t. Would pay for this again to play new game+ but don’t have the time to go through the game twice!

    • I actually don’t want my previous progress to carry over. I want to go in fresh with a clean slate and work it all up again, otherwise you may as well not bother replaying it.

  4. Greatest game of last gen. On the PS4.

    Naughty Gods can do no wrong in my eyes :-)

    • I’m tempted to agree with you but I have to give it second place ever so slightly behind the mighty Skyrim, even though it ran like crap on PS3. I put 650 hours into that beast and loved every minute. Imagine a PS4 version of Skyrim running properly in full HD. Now we are talking.

  5. Did anything happen regarding some sort of discount for PS3 owners who want to upgrade? I seem to remember there was a ‘maybe’ floating around.

    I’ve preordered the remastered version, but I’m also hanging on to my PS3 version, just in case..

    • Not sure what price your preorder is but the best deal out there currently is at Gamestop. £29.97

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