What We Played #162: Fire Emblem, Little Inferno & MotoGP 14

Picture the scene… you’re on holiday with your family in Gran Canaria, the sun is glorious, the beach is fabulous and all thoughts of video gaming have been banished to the far reaches of the back of your mind.

Unless you’re Dom.

He’s busy hammering away on his PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Fire Emblem’s been his game of choice “simply because it’s amazing, and it’s not too hectic to play in the heat (first world problems right there)”. That’s right folks, in a hot country beware playing anything that gives your fingers cause to move too quickly, you know it makes sense.


When things cool down in the evenings though or a cloud briefly obscures the sun’s gamer-shrivelling death rays then, like Dom, you can take a chance on games that might cause your fingers to break out in a sweat. In those moments this past week he’s taken a chance with Soul Sacrifice Delta, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Need for Speed Most Wanted. Tune in next week to find out if they took his finger tempo too high.

Blair is still writing about E3 2014 games rather than actually playing much. Somebody should teach him to type quicker. He has broken up some of his hunt-and-peck keyboard sessions with some Mario Kart 8 t’internet and couch multi-player though.

In some rare additions to my usual Warframe sessions I’ve played a small clutch of other titles this week. I fired up my Nintendo Wii U for the first time in months. If I’d left it any longer the cobwebs would have completely gummed the fan up. Rather than play anything new, even with a MK8 trying to tempt me in the eShop, I started a new game of the flaming delicious Little Inferno that I reviewed back when the Wii U had yet to gather any dust.

It’s such a delightfully charming little game but the frame-rate slow-downs when you get a really good conflagration going seem more annoying now than they used to be. It is good to read The Weather Man’s reports again though.

The other night I was in the mood for a bit of a sing-a-long and thought it about time I got around to trying Sing On on the PlayStation 3. How did I find it? Two tracks later I was back to old favourite SingStar where I warbled my way through about a dozen hits, new and old. D’ya wanna hear my rendition of Adele’s Someone Like You? D’ya? No, trust me, you really don’t.

Work kept me pretty much away from anything videogame-related during E3 week but somehow Entwined still managed to firmly ensconce itself within my psyche. There was something about the game’s aesthetic that really struck a chord so I just had to have it. I’m now a few levels in and what a beautiful game it is. Who knew Tempest could be improved by adding a story?

Stefan’s been to the races this week. The races where wheels are more important than legs and horsepower is counted using numbers greater than one. As far as GRID Autosport goes he says that “you know what you’re getting with a Codies game, so GRID’s an easy decision, or it would be were it not restricted to PS3/360”.

He found the two-wheeled racing of MotoGP 14 on the PlayStation 4 to be “fascinatingly different”. Graphically the “very last gen” track scenery contrasted with the “good looking” riders, bikes and weather effects. “The on track action is great, though, and there’s a ton of content in there.”

I’ll leave it to Aran to wrap things up with UFC for this week and I hope you’ll all dive into the comments section below to let us know what you’ve been playing this week.

I’ve been a fan of UFC for a good few years now and have played the THQ games. There’s differences here and not all are great. The career seems a whole lot easier. Within a few hours I’ve pretty much managed to max out all of my fighter’s stats, and even though you choose your style at the beginning it doesn’t really seem to have much of an impact on how you play.

Plus EA has got rid of sprinting in the octagon, taking away some of the excitement from the fight. Occasionally you want to sprint into a takedown but you can’t here. Also, though a minor cosmetic change, the removal of touching gloves before a fight is gone. It’s a good game but feels like a bit of a step back. Hopefully UFC 2 looks at what was so great about the THQ games and takes inspiration.

I also picked up The Wolf Among Us cheap in the Steam sales. I love the story and setting. It’s just such an engaging story that even if there wasn’t any player input I would continue with it to find out what happens next. I’m going to play episode 4 tonight and then wait impatiently for episode 5.



  1. A somewhat more focussed week for me this week.
    Mainly MotoGP 14 on PS4, which I platinumed yesterday.
    Apart from that it’s been quick blasts of Another World and Blue Estate on PS4 and some RDR and Skate 2 multiplayer on PS3 to help out some fellow TSA’ers.

  2. On PS3 some RDR with some TSA chaps, albeit rather unsuccessfully due to PSN and servers. Also started The Last of Us on Grounded Mode…doesn’t seem that tough to be honest, although I’ve only done the first 25% (according to my save file) which isn’t that bad anyway.

    Other than that just some Watch_Dogs on PS4, finally done all of the collectables, side missions etc (excluding a tiny percentage that haven’t unlocked yet). I just need to playthrough Acts 2-5 for the platinum. Anyone know how long the main story missions are?

    Sniper Elite 3 arrived earlier so will play that over the weekend. I also bought Valiant Hearts on PS4 but not starting that just yet.

    No Vita this week.

    • Main campaign isn’t all that long really. In typical Ubisoft fashion, the grindy side missions make up most of the game’s length.

      • Oh cool, thanks. I don’t mind too much as I want to get it done now that Sniper Elite 3 has arrived!

  3. After not being all that impressed by Sony’s E3 conference, the Mrs decided to sell her PlayStation 4 this week in favour of getting a Wii-U. Since then we have been playing Mario Kart 8 as much as possible. What a game, probably my personal favourite of the series.

    Other than that, I’ve played a bit of Battlefield 4 (its actually pretty fun now it works…) and continued my play though of Final Fantasy X on Vita.

    Looking forward to playing some more Mario Kart and downloading Towerfall next week :)

  4. Resogun… finally! And yes, I take it all back, it is rather good! :-)

  5. RDR, BF3, and GT6. Who needs words anymore.

  6. Finished the single-player of Crysis 2, enjoyed it but not as good as the 1st Crysis. Played about an hour of Driver – San Francisco, seems pretty good so far & the 70’s style soundtrack is great.

  7. I picked up Payday 2 in the Steam sale and have fallen in love with it, loads of content and great fun to play with mates. It’s also been great playing on my own and coming across far more experienced players who are happy to show me the ropes to completing the stealth missions, which is nice for a change!

  8. Gotten into Ghosts Extinction mode this week. Finally made it to the chopper only to be downed in the circle and got left behind! Have sussed it out since though, and way easier with sentry guns…

  9. A bit of watchdogs and putty squad for me,I’ve only totalled a couple of hours gaming this week due to work etc. Though I have a 3 day weekend so that will change! :-D

  10. Well this week has been quite a bit of Titanfall with bits of MotoGP 14,UFC,Transformers a bit of Resogun’s Heros and had a few races on Grid Autosport today and have Sniper Elite 3 waiting for me to have a dabble on,and Mr Forrest’s Battlefield 4 meet in half hours time.

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