Plus Points Challenge: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Results

Last month it was revealed that if Lieutenant Fatman could finish in the top 4 in this month’s contest, they would win the overall Plus Points Challenge competition by amassing the required 50 leaderboard points before anyone else, so did he manage it? Read on to find out…

This month saw a respectable 13 people enter the competition and yet again the standard was ridiculously high. If the rankings can be believed on the mission complete screen, our winner this month, Krelian_Mizrahi finished 2nd in the world with their high score! Hats must go off for that effort, well done! You can see the ludicrously slick winning run here:

On top of that, all of our top 4 finishers this month finished within the worldwide top 10, and yes, Lieutenant Fatman did manage to sneak into 4th place. Now that’s a high standard of scoring for a TSA competition!

Amazingly, 2 people submitted exactly the same score – MikLSP and Theberzerka both submitted entries of 196,720, now what are the chances of that?

Main contest – high score

TSA ID Score
Krelian_Mizrahi 291090
Richie100 254880
lieutenant fatman 239520
matheson 201400
MikLSP 196720
Theberzerka 196720
avengerrr 187130
kalel1981 169710
tatoemonkey 169500
camdaz 156970
psychobudgie 152710
TSBonyman 125500

Krelian_Mizrahi also managed to submit the fastest time, but since the rules state anyone in the top 10 for the main contest can’t be eligible for the bonus contest, we actually had to go all the way down to our 11th fastest finisher to find out winner of 5 bonus leaderboard points – Psychobudgie with a time of 03:29.16.

Bonus contest – fastest time

Krelian_Mizrahi 01:39.50
Richie100 01:58.76
lieutenant fatman 02:07.73
matheson 02:22.31
avengerrr 02:26.96
Theberzerka 02:32.10
MikLSP 02:38.98
kalel1981 02:49.00
tatoemonkey 03:23.00
psychobudgie 03:29.16
camdaz 03:33.65
TSBonyman 04:34.10

The random draw for the winner of the monthly £10/$10 PSN voucher also saw psychobudgie win, so it’s two rounds of congratulations for both the bonus leaderboard points and the PSN voucher.

Make sure to join us tomorrow for the final Plus Points Challenge leaderboard update.



  1. It’s a bollocks at coming second last and a woop at winning the voucher. So in honour of this momentous moment I present a new word, woollocks!

  2. Bugger- i missed spelled the twitter account when i sent my entry in :-(

  3. Awesome video, well done Krelian!

  4. Do we not win something for generating identical scores? ;-)

  5. I would have given it a second attempt if i hadn’t been stuck at the final boss. Ah well, i made the list .. barely. :)

    • Oh yes – congrats to Krelian_Mizrahi, awesome score.

  6. Any idea what the next title for the competition will be? Hoping for Trine 2 as it’s an awesome game.

    • Fatman got in the top 4, so I’m guessing that’s the end of the comp now mate

      • Well that’s a load of good. I forgot that leaderboards are something that can be dominated.

  7. Yeah well done Krelian, that was an amazing run and I can honestly say I was nowhere near it.

    Also huge congrats to Lt Fatman for scraping the title ;)

    I was late to this party but even though we have a champion are there plans to continue/make this a regular competition? I’m not actually bothered about prizes etc but have found it to be great fun with a lot of friendly rivalry.

  8. Congrats Krelian_Mizrahi for top score, just a tad more than mine….not!
    And to psychobudgie for fastest time, 4 1/2 secs faster than mine, boo :)

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