Freedom Wars Will Be Digital-Only In Europe

Freedom Wars is one of the hottest Vita games to come out of Japan and will finally be arriving overseas later this year. Vita owners who reside in Europe seem to be getting shafted, however, with Sony planning to release the game as a digital exclusive in the region.


Responding to comments over at the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s Fred Dutton confirmed the news, stating:

I appreciate it’s not the answer some of you want to hear, but I can confirm that Freedom Wars will be a digital-only release in SCEE.

Unsurprisingly, this has riled a number of fans eagerly waiting to get their hands on the multiplayer action RPG. Many Vita owners, including myself, prefer physical copies not just for display purposes but also due to Sony’s ridiculous memory card pricing. A bog standard 4GB card, which can barely hold a few games, usually runs for £15 with the more practical 62GB option checking out at a whopping £70+ if you’re lucky.

Perhaps even more frustrating is that our American cousins will be able to enjoy their own localised version in full physical form. When responding to questions on the PlayStation Blog, SCEA’s Nick Accordino said:

I can only speak for SCEA, but we’re fully planning on a retail release for the Americas.

Sony has yet to comment on its decision to make the European version digital-only.



  1. Space is getting a little out of control with the Vita. I just noticed today that the Ratchet and Clank trilogy clocks in at just over 12GB. That’s near 2 DVD’s combined which is crazy, and way beyond anything native to 16/32GB memory cards. It’s even crazy for a 64GB one.

    Then there is Borderlands with it’s 5GB total.

    I’d just prefer a physical copy that I can sell, and that doesn’t take up space. I mean the one (of only a few) Vita games and they can only muster a digital release. Thanks alot.

    • Ratchet & Clank is much smaller than that- the store listing copied over the PS3 info, or maybe even added it to the Vita size as it’s cross-buy.

      The actual sizes are 869MB for the first one, 1148MB for the second and 1441MB for the third game, at least according to a post I found on Reddit.

      • Yes total file is 3373mb according to my Vita. I think file can also be downloaded separately.

      • Oh right. Thanks for that. Once again the EU store team haven’t done their job properly.

        The PS3 version is 9GB, so I guess the Vita version is stacked. Yet the games individually still aren’t showing the correct ‘individual’ size.

  2. It’s time for Sony to lower vita memory card prices in line with SD card pricing if they want to go down this digital only route.

    There is no excuse to charge the extortionate price they do. Pure greed and profiteering and a reason why quite a few people I know wouldn’t buy a vita.

  3. The biggest release of the year remaining and no card… Even with my 64GB card this is a massive disappointment.

  4. The Vita is region free, so if you really want a physical copy, then you can import from the US.

    • Not if there’s DLC (or an online pass).

      Given it’s a multiplayer game, that could be a possibility.

  5. I’m just glass we’re getting it over here!

    Having said that I hope Sony do something about the Vita cards prices.
    I always thought they should have found a way to use SD cards, even if they were locked to one account as soon as you put it in the Vita.

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