Watch Eight Minutes Of Colourful Sunset Overdrive Gameplay

Good morning everyone, how are you this week? My Monday has got off to a great start as I spotted domestic goddess Mary Berry on the other side of the street and gave her a wave and she waved back. Frankly the day cannot get any better, not unless she’s still there at lunch time and has baked some lovely cakes.

Slightly less exciting, but only marginally so, are these new videos for Sunset Overdrive which have been captured from a Twitch feed when the game was shown at  RTX 2014 in Austin, Texas during the weekend. As it’s a Twitch feed the video is not the best quality but at least you get to see the game in action.

There are silly weapons (a bit Ratchet & Clank-y), grind rails (a bit Ratchet & Clank-y), a colourful open world play area (a bit Ratchet & Clank-y) and probably lots of other stuff that is (a bit Ratchet & Clank-y). It looks like a lot fun whatever it is, and it is only on Xbox One because reasons.

Source: YouTube 1/2



  1. Infamous it reminds me off, just a cartoony clone

    • Perhaps the same genre, but definitely not a clone.

      I’m thinking it’s a mix of Orcs Must Die, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank and Jet Set Radio. That makes it clearly it’s own thing in my book.

      • Never played any of those games you listed. But from the looks of it, it strongly takes a page from infamous especially number one

    • From what little I can watch of the video due to our crap internet connection today, I agree. It looks like Infamous in a Jet Set Radio skin.

  2. I must say, so far this game is doing nothing for me. It just seems dull, despite the wacky graphics and weapons.

  3. I actually think this looks quite fun.

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