Another Era Ends As Neversoft Closes While Team Merges With Infinity Ward

Neversoft has had a big effect on games from the Tony Hawk skateboard games to the juggernaut that is Guitar Hero, as well as one of my personal favourites titles in Gun. So today is a rather glum day in the games industry as Neversoft officially closes its doors as Activision merges the team with Infinity Ward, with the focus being Call of Duty. It makes financial sense for Activision as the CoD franchise is its biggest while both Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero faded from relevance.

The Neversoft team didn’t go out quietly though but instead decided to burn the eye logo.


Neversoft’s founder, Joel Jewett, also gifted every team member with a blade engraved with the Neversoft logo engraved on it.

Source: Develop



  1. No! That sucks!

    Tony Hawk games never faded from relevance, they just decided to go in a weird direction with it (with the board peripheral & all that jazz) which pretty much NO-ONE wanted – Pro Skater HD was great to play though & I saw that as a sort of return to form. I had hoped that was going to spark new TH games in the old style, but I guess not!

    Now the team that innovated back in the early days will be joining another team that seemingly never deviate from the CoD mould year in year out (much like Guitar Hero which did fade from relevance due to their instance on pumping out titles each year & sometimes in-between). Sad times.

    • …& when I say “they just decided to go in a weird direction with it”, I of course mean Activision, not Neversoft.

      • True, true, but choices were made. Directions were followed. Relevance (or lack thereof) came along shortly afterwards.

        However, there’s always room for a skating game, I’m sure, so people will pick up the slack when the industry has room for one.

        (Not aimed at Forrest) but the studio has been absorbed. Anyone who doesn’t want to stay there for too long will start something new or go elsewhere. It’s the very nature of industry itself. Those lovely new (often small) studios that take different types of risks are integral to the entire industry in many, many ways. You only have to look at some of the start-ups from god knows how many years to see that the people making them are hugely experienced. The Banner Saga (lovely game on the PC) started out with a few chaps who were probably a bit bored of their old jobs. The artist? He was lead concept artist for Star Wars: Galaxies and The Old Republic, I think. One of the other chaps? Hell, he worked for NASA!!

        I love – utterly love – that things like this happen. Neversoft will continue that trend, mark my words (or the people from there will).

      • Oh yeah don’t get me wrong, I much prefer to see studios merged/absorbed/whatever rather than them just going bust, disbanding or disappearing into the ether.

        I had secretly hoped for an announcement from them that they were going back to their roots & developing a new TH game in the vein of the classics though. Alas, my mind has clearly led me astray & it was not to be.

      • I too find this rather sad as i have fond memories of Neversoft games,also was hoping for a new Tony Hawks :(

  2. The Tony Hawk series went downhill starting with the second Underground game which was more Jackass than Tony Hawks, I have not play American Wasteland or Tony Hawks 8 but Proving Grounds was a little boring and confusing for me. I should also point out that the dude bro gamers (otherwise known as softcore gamers in this industry) forced the industry to go down this route of recycled casual cash garb shit.

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