PS3, PS4, And Vita Have Collectively Moved Over 100 Million Units

Sony have quite the number to brag about this week, as they recently revealed that they’ve sold over 100 million units of hardware between the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.


It’s been a few months since Sony revealed any specific sales figures for specific platforms, but last we knew the PS4 was at over 7 million units sold, and the PS3 clocked in at the 80 million mark in November. We can only really speculate on how the Vita is doing but it’s probably safe to assume it’s somewhere in the 10-12 million territory.

This info comes from what Sony Japan’s YouTube account describes as a “Introduction video of PlayStation® Official Licensing Program for corporates.” If you were trying to sell companies on the idea of making accessories for your wares, a number that big sure seems like a good start.

Source: YouTube, via GameSpot



  1. Still being vague on vita sales then. Usually its psp/vita combined sales in their reports.

  2. Huge numbers. Huge!

  3. Vague but certainly a few million more Vita’s out there.

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