What We Played #164: Tomb Raider, Mousecraft & Gang Beasts

You know those all too uncommon instances when a game comes along that is just right for you at that time. Sometimes it’s a genre you’ve missed for a while or have been actively seeking. Sometimes it may be discovering a new play-style or a game you never expected to like. For me most recently it has been Warframe that has ticked the most boxes.

For Blair it’s Tomb Raider. “Oh man it’s so good”, is how he opens the conversation. “I’ve wanted a game like this for a long time”, he continued, “something to remind me what gaming is like at it’s best and deliver a solid adventure.”

As with many others, though he can’t help mentally comparing it to the offspring of a certain mischievous canine, ending with “it’s just really fun, not quite Uncharted, but the set pieces are superb.”


As I passed him in the corridor Stefan was mumbling something about not yet having shot Bunimomike’s nads off which I guess means he has been playing some more Sniper Elite 3 but probably not enough. The upshot being they’ll likely be scoping out nether regions over the weekend again.

Having convinced his missus that despite what she may have read on these erstwhile and thoroughly trustworthy pages beer is not an essential Kart racing peripheral Peter has finally succumbed to splashing out £45 “on a stupid Wii U game”, Mario Kart 8, that they can play together.

“I’m better at it than her so I always win (like when I beat Blair at Smash Bros)” he modestly reckons and is exploiting her desire for shiny trinkets by letting her collect coins while they are colluding to unlock characters via the cooperative Grand Prix mode.

I really wish they’d removed the lightning bolt power up but aside from that – and the Battle Mode being a wasted opportunity – it’s just about perfect.

Probably just needs more beer.

Aran’s thoughts on Mousecraft can be found in his review “but if you’re a puzzle fan then it should be one to pick up”. He’s finding the free Hearthstone to be somewhat addictive and though he admits to being terrible at the game it has its “one more go” claws firmly into his grey matter.

He’s also declared Wolfenstein to be his “FPS of 2014 (so far)”. He’s enjoying the relatively open level design, the “rather good” story and the “awesome” ability to dual wield whatever guns you want. “Walking into a room and firing two machine guns against a room full of enemies is awesome.” His only real criticism is that “the AI can be a bit silly at times”.

Our resident dinosaur loving (think he’s seen the alien ones in No Man’s Sky?) Flock of Seagulls fan (they’re the right seagulls aren’t they Kris?) has been a bit quiet in these weekly snapshots of late but this week he just had so much to say I thought I might as well let you hear it all:

I went to Games by the Sea, an event that was put on as Brighton is full of press and indie devs for the Develop conference this week. Games by the Sea is basically indie games taking over the bottom floor of a pub, with drinks and craziness ensuing (imagine JS Joust being played in the centre of a packed pub with people cheering you on from all sides!)

The two things I spent the most time with were Gang Beasts, a simply brilliant brawler, and Velocity 2X.

If you haven’t heard of Gang Beasts, it’s sort of like Smash Brothers but played in 3D where your character controls like they’re made of jelly. It was setup on a Mac with 10 pads connected, and that many people playing one game really draws a crowd. It’s also absolutely brutal due to a level design that borders on the sadistic.

Want to beat your opponent till they lose consciousness then throw them in front of a moving train? Sure, why not? It’s all done in a cartoon style that puts it somewhat closer to Looney Toons than Mortal Kombat in it’s presentation though, which makes it all the more fun.

As for Velocity 2X, it’s bloody brilliant, and the PS4 version looks incredible on a big screen. Everyone should buy it when it comes out, it just looks and plays brilliantly.

I’m going to be chatting about both of these games on Monday’s podcast if you want to hear more!

And after that shameless plug it’s over to you…



  1. Some solo grinding on Red Dead Redemption; a few checkpoints of my The Last of Us Grounded playthrough; platinumed The Wolf Among Us (great ending btw)….the PS3 has to be my most played console after buying a new console, ever. Credit to it.

    On PS4 I’ve played a bit of the new CoD Extinction Invastion DLC, which was particularly chaotic and fun. I’ve still not started Sniper Elite 3, Valiant Hearts or Guacamelee STCE! Shame on me. :(

    Nothing on Vita apart from redeeming a few Shift Codes for Borderlands 2.

  2. Might have to agree with Aran on Wolfenstein, only picked it up two days ago but it’s bloody brilliant so far. Story is great, it looks lovely and the combat is good fun.

  3. Played through Guacamelee this week. Never thought I’d beat the final section of that game but I stuck with it and saw the ending credits last night. What a great game, made even better by the fact it was free on X1 :)

    Hoping to fire up MK8 this evening. I miss it :(

  4. A good start to the week with another 2 platinums added to my tally over the weekend, the first being Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition on PS4 which was quite a bit trickier than the original PS3/Vita version due to the additional content and elite enemies, and the other being Lego Batman 2 on Vita which was pretty easy apart from the Justice League bonus arena challenges.
    I picked up Skeleton Riders and Jazz: Trump’s Journey for the Vita, the latter of which is a nice little puzzle platformer.
    Aside from those I’ve mostly been playing WRC4 on PS3 and helping Forrest out with some Skate 2 multiplayer.
    I also hit trophy level 40 yesterday and I’m about 20 or so trophies shy of 11,000.

    • I’ve been really enjoying out little skate sessions – It has just confirmed that we are sadly lacking in new games in that department for me though. :(

      At this stage, I think I would buy THPSHD again if they re-released it on PS4!

      Skate 4 (or a new TH game) kinda NEEDS to happen for me.

      • Yeah, me too. I usually find myself playing Skate 3 whenever I’m in a lull.
        Agreed, or even a new ‘Dave Mirra/Matt Hoffman/Insert current person’ bmx game.
        I’d rather have a new Skate but if they took Tony Hawk games back to what made them good instead of trying to add new tacky gimmicks (e.g. on rails downhill or using a skateboard peripheral) then that would do.

    • R1M,the justice league battles are a pain!I tried doing more last night,but I just get too frustrated!

      • Yup, they are incredibly frustrating. Try to spam the jump slam attack (for characters that have it) and throws.

    • How are you finding the WRC4 career? I completed the career yesterday and realised that the loading screens between rally stages are really what made it a drag for me….stretched out loading screens need burn in hell!
      Some of the stages when available for playing (after long waits) are pretty awesome.
      Other than that been trying for the 50% perfect impact with Guage shots Crown on Everybody’s Golf PS3 to no avail. Keep getting mid-40’s% and can’t see how to improve using that son-bitch Guage shot type!

      • I only have 5 rallies left in WRC and yes the load screens are a pain in the ass.
        Indeed, it took me quite a few attempts to do that challenge as I didn’t really get on with the gauge shot type either.

      • The loading between stages to me seems as if it loads each section twice, a most annoying feat for me as I have always had a vehement hatred of loading waits at the best of times but that was double torture lol.
        With the Everybody’s golf Crown of 50% perfect impact Guage shot, I did once get 52.2% tooling around, but as it was a praccy I wasn’t trying for the win….doh! Never been close to 50% since but win the match every time :(

  5. Just a bit of guacamelee and sly thieves in time for me. I would have got the platinum for putty squad,but it’s waiting for a patch

  6. Not much this week, some Watch Dogs but mostly trying and eventually succeeding in bettering my highscore on Resogun Survival.

  7. Well mostly Super Mario 3D World and Titanfall some Zen 2 and Battlefield 4,a bit of TombRaider today (Friday) topped off with several hours with the TSA chaps in more Battlefield 4 in the meet.

  8. Had a go at Lone Survivor, got bored after a couple of hours and the overly pixelly graphics gave me a headache. Also played the first few chapters of Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Not sold on it yet, seems to be lacking something.

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