There Came An Echo Gameplay Trailer Features Rather Impressive Voice Command Controlling

Iridium Studios’ There Came An Echo was announced a while back with the focus being the squad would be controlled via voice commands, letting you adjust tactics quickly to the situation at hand. Now a short gameplay trailer has been released by the developers to show the voice commands in action, and Iridium states all of the captured video was done live and remains unedited.


The trailer has the player work with a squad of four to fight off waves of enemies, and it’s rather impressive how responsive the characters are to the voice commands. There seemed to be very little lag time between a command being issued and the characters acting. In the video we see the characters change positions, change weapons, reload, and focus fire on a designated enemy, all of which carried out after listening to the orders.

There Came An Echo will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC though there is no solid release date.

Source: Youtube/PR



  1. Those were the most responsive voice commands i’ve ever seen in a game. If they can achieve that on PS4 i’ll be even more impressed.

  2. Looks very promising. Not so keen on the voice command aspect but it does look effective so will give it a go.

  3. I loved the voice control aspect of Tom Clancy’s Endwar, though shame it was so hit and miss. If this can get it to work properly every time I’d be very interested.

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