Stat Boosting DLC Pack For GRID Autosport Released Because “It Sells”

A piece of DLC for GRID Autosport has been released by Codemasters, which allows people to get a 50% boost for the career & vehicle XP, as well as online rewards all for the price of £2.39. Some sections of the internet aren’t happy with this due to the advantages this gives players when playing online, but credit to Codemasters’ Ben Walke for being honest about the move in a post on NeoGAF.

Regarding the boost pack we did similar with GRID 2 as a car unlock, we got a bit of flak from that but in all honesty and without any PR bull shit…it sells. There is a silent subset of players that do like that sort of content but whether or not it’s here to stay is something the industry is yet to work out.

I can’t really say anything else, the only response I have for you is the total truth. I don’t want to spin it or anything like that. I’ll probably regret this post in the morning, but hey-ho :)

It’s not a move I’m personally a fan of but from a business point of view Codemasters see an opportunity to make money, and fund development. Some people have claimed that the reason for the release is to get players who believe the game requires too much grind to pay up, though this is denied.


Under no circumstances did we make the game a grind on purpose (that much I can promise you), in the grand scheme of things it’s still relatively easy to progress via single player and online it’s not that difficult to earn money.

It’s a situation that is likely to divide opinion between players and industry people alike, so what do you think? Have you ever bought a booster DLC pack to save time?

Source: NeoGAF via MCV



  1. I don’t see the point of carefully programming and testing a game to achieve a balance of difficulty and rate of progression only for the publisher to ruin that hard work with a paid for cheat, this sort of thing must really frustrate designers as well as players. The time savers pack was sort of forgivable with Burnout as it came out years after the game was released, but to put one out on release is too shameful a cash in.

  2. Genius.

  3. Not something I would ever buy but I can see their point, Codemasters is a business and businesses are there to make money.

  4. It’s a shame but I can see why they’ve done it, their racers the last few years have had little in the way of substance & could be finished in a few weeks.
    This kinda thing is handy for the less committed racer or one that doesn’t have a lot of time.

  5. I’m holding out for the “game complete” DLC.

    • Or the “Trophy Unlock” pack. :(

      Can’t say I’d expect anything less from Codemasters, they sold fucking Horn Packs for DiRT 3.

      • I do agree, but the horns didn’t help progress in any way did they? I would say that if you are silly enough to buy a horn pack, then you only have yourself to blame (& probably have more money than sense tbh!).

        This is different though – As was mentioned above, I don’t mind when a pack like this is released months or even years after a games release, but in the week (or weeks) after its release seems a bit unnecessary.

        Just play the damn game!

  6. Every gamer should know if they have the time to play then they are welcome to buy the game and enjoy leveling up for their pennies worth! I know they are trying to make money (business) same applies to EA with FUT! I prefer savers pack to be released a year after the game was launched.

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