The Last Of Us PS4 TV Spot Is Short On Spoilers

Sony has gone live with its second trailer for The Last of US: Remastered, launching exclusively for PlayStation 4 on August 1st. Compared to the game’s E3 debut, this shortened TV spot is light on spoilers, some will be happy to hear.


Naughty Dog’s Remastered edition of the game will sport enhanced visuals as well as bonuses for those who grab a copy on day one. These include both single and multiplayer perks, granting players a much-needed boost when facing hunters or the infected.

All available DLC packs are also being thrown in to sweeten the deal, including two multiplayer map packs, Grounded, and, of course, Left Behind. Considering some outlets are flogging the game for £30, it’s definitely good value for money, even for those who may have blitzed through the original last June.

Be sure to check out our review for The Last of Us and keep an eye open for our thoughts on the PlayStation 4 remaster later this month.



  1. Where is this £30 outlet then?

  2. Despite having sunk a shit load of time into this, I can’t wait to see it on PS4. I don’t think I’ll play the campaign anytime soon since I’m still doing Grounded mode on PS3 (my 5th playthrough) but I’ll definitely be doing the multiplayer on release.

  3. Gamestop is where I ordered my copy for £29.97

  4. Although I would love to play it again on the PS4, that price is too high taking into account that it is the exact same content I already paid for but with a new coat of paint.

    • I take on board everything you just said……. But I’m dazzled by that 60fps gloss finish just too much.

      • I am as well, but those 30£ give my wallet a nice finish as well ehehe ;)

      • can’t believe its under £30 at gamestop. Just ordered my first ever preorder. Now when does it actually release cos I want it NOW!

  5. Can’t wait for it.

    I’ve been meaning to play the PS3 version a lot lately, but held off each time because I knew this is coming…

    The best game on PS3 will become the best game on PS4.

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