Mobile Watch: Sonic Jump Fever

Over the past decade SEGA has continued to experiment on the Sonic franchise with varying success. From straight-up remakes to kart-racing and even a BioWare RPG, the speedy blue hedgehog has burrowed itself in just about everywhere to win back its former glory. With Sonic Boom launching later this year, there could well be a return to form but, until then, fans can content themselves with Sonic Jump Fever.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar, then maybe it should. It was only months ago that SEGA launched the original Sonic Jump, tagged with a pricetag of £1.99. Fever seems to be a direct replica of the arcade platformer, albeit available for free and with a few additional bells and whistles. Describing Sonic Jump to veteran mobile gamers, I would say its a reskinned Doodle Jump yet one that at least has some depth and an equal amount of replayability.


Playing as either Sonic or one of his anthropomorphic chums, you will tilt and swipe your way through a selection of quick-fire stages, all themed on iconic zones from the original games. The difference here is that your character can only move vertically, bouncing from platform to platform while trying not to fall into the abyss below. Think of it as a traversable credit sequence albeit one chock full of gold rings and wandering hazards.

This is where the similarities to Doodle Jump end. You see, unlike the popular platformer, in Jump Fever, there is no real penalty if you drop off the screen. Instead, you are shoot back into view via cannon and allowed to continue. The other key difference is that levels aren’t endless, though can be extended thanks to a myriad of pick-ups scattered around.

Your ultimate objective is to bag as many points as you can as well as gold rings and red stars, both of which are used to buy characters, upgrades, and other handy perks. Given its free-to-play status don’t be surprised to find in-app purchases. These come in the form of paid-for shortcuts although thankfully these aren’t shoved in your face.

What is shoved in your face, however, are advertisements. Lots of them. Considering how many mobile games from so-called AAA publishers use them discreetly, if not at all, their presence in Sonic Jump Fever is a little jarring. SEGA does try to remedy the constant barrage of ads, however, offering free spins on a prize wheel for voluntarily watching them. This does little to dispel the annoyance of being fronted with a full-screen ad after every round. Especially when the close window “X” or skip button are the size of a pinprick.

Still, if you’re a Sonic fan then there should be nothing stopping you from trying the game. Frustrating hindrances aside, it’s a solid platformer that offers worthwhile incentives and will no doubt have players picking it up daily for a quick jump.



  1. Sonic Jump appeared as a free app of the day with AppGratis a while back so I grabbed it then. Pretty good game. Like you say, it is one of the many doodle jump clones (itself a clone of earlier concepts) but it has some depth through various other challeneges and trying to get a perfect S ranking.

    Not sure I’ll bother with this, sounds like the same game but switched to the heavy ads freemium model

  2. I found the game to be constantly asking for money. Constantly. Yes, you get some free credits, but not enough to do much and the game tries to make you spend it quickly.

    And if you want to play as the titular hedgehog from the start, pay up.

    As a fan of the original when it launched, (what, six years ago?) I found this almost offensive and ended up deleting it after one go. Too much monetisation and ads. It doesn’t even seem to run at native resolution on 1080p devices.

    You’re better off with the original.

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