All Courses Open To The Golf Club Members As Cross Platform Sharing Confirmed

HB Studios has confirmed that new gen golfing title The Golf Club will have cross platform support, allowing players to share their created courses with everyone regardless of whether they own the game on PS4, Xbox One or PC. One restriction is that when you download a course not created on the platform you’re playing on the user name will be just TGC Member. The other restriction is that leaderboards will not be cross platform, though HB Studios is hoping to make that a reality.


We hope that everyone in the community is as excited by this development as we are, including the fact that it will be available at launch! We had always wanted the vast array of great courses available to everyone and that this also represents a first-step to achieving a totally unified ecosystem in The Golf Club.

It’s an incredibly huge barrier that has been crossed here, and it must have taken a lot of negotiating with Sony & Microsoft to allow such a feature to exist. There’s no solid release date yet for The Golf Club yet.

Source: The Golf Club



  1. Shouldn’t be long now hopefully.

  2. Which course do I have to defend my player against a zombie horde?

  3. “There’s no solid release date yet for The Golf Club yet”

    Y to the E to the mutha f**kin’ T… I love that word! ;)

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