Housemarque Releases Resogun Guide To Give Pilots Some Extra Hints

Resogun has proven to be a rather popular title, unsurprising as it was the first Plus offering for PS4, and in that time Housemarque has given continued support to the game with the introduction of local multiplayer, as ship builder, and a rather substantial DLC addition. Now the studio has decided to release a guide for Resogun, detailing the game and the various ways to keep your scores high.

The guide is just over 30 pages long, though Housemarque has said it will be adding to it as time goes on with the inclusion of patches, and future additional content that will be coming to Resogun. The tips held within the guide are a mix of what the developers found, and of what players themselves found which were later shared with the rest of the community. As more advantages are discovered by the community it’ll be likely Housemarque will add those to the guide too.


If you wish to download the Resogun guide then you can do so through here. It does look rather nice with full illustrations and shots of the game adding some eye candy to the pages.

Source: Housemarque


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  1. I hope there’s some good hints for the dlc game as I seem to die a bit too quickly.

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