Play Dress Up As Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Costumes Are Released In Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software has announced that you can get a small taste of what the characters from Borderlands: The Pre Sequel will be dressing up in, as their wardrobe choices are now available as rare drops within Borderlands 2. If you can’t find the drops in game then don’t worry as each week Gearbox will be releasing SHiFT codes so you can unlock the costumes, and apply them to your vault hunter.

The full list of costumes and who will be dressing as which Pre-Sequel character is as follows.

  • Axton as Athena
  • Salvador as Wilhelm
  • Maya as Nisha
  • Zer0 as Claptrap
  • Gaige as Moon Moxxi
  • Krieg as a Scav


The image above shows when the SHiFT keys will be available to unlock the costumes, if you don’t want to trek around the world and find them for yourself. There’s a bit of a big wait though as only one costume per week will be unlocked this way.

Source: Gearbox

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  1. I wish they would make a webpage, where you could enter the shift codes. I don’t feel like firing up Borderlands 2, only for this.

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