The Last Of Us To Be Performed Live On Stage

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. Next week, on July 28th, Naughty Dog and PlayStation are partnering with Geoff Keighley to brings fans a live performance of The Last Of Us.

Don’t get too excited. You won’t get to see Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson go toe to toe with hordes of infected on stage. Instead the exclusive event -titled One Night Live- will showcase some of the game’s more poignant moments with readings from five of its cast members. Director Neil Druckmann will also be on hand.

As the name suggests One Night Live is a complete one-off, though will be streamed via Twitch and YouTube. Good job too as all tickets have been snapped up. For more details check our source link below.


To some this may sound completely crazy though it has to be said that The Last Of Us packs some truly powerful and emotive scenes. Their emphasis on dialogue and character reaction (as opposed to bombastic set pieces) could really work well on-stage.

We won’t tread into spoiler territory though it’s fairly obvious (from a fan’s perspective) what scenes will pop up, namely the prologue, museum, and farmhouse.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. It’s going to be embarrassingly bad, you just know it.

    • The only scene I’m worried about is the prologue, mainly because everyone already knows what is going to happen.

      • Except me, I know nothing about it!

  2. I think seeing Troy Baker speaking as Joel live would totally ruin my sense of what The Last of Us is. I imagine it’d be like seeing Nancy Cartwright do Bart’s voice live. Some things are better left to my imagination.

  3. Interesting idea. Take the good bits of the game (the story and characters) and get rid of all the other bits that didn’t work?

    I’m assuming a pantomime giraffe costume needs 3 people to work. They’d better have one of those, because if they don’t…

  4. WTF!

  5. Looks like a 80’s porno, I wonder if Ron Jeremy will pop up (pardon the pun) :P

    • Probably a bit young for that reference. In this instance I don’t think that’s a bad thing however :P

  6. Interesting …..

    • Couldn’t have said it any better

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