Prepare To Fight In The Terminal & Stormgracht As Free Maps Come To Killzone Shadow Fall

Guerilla Games has released details on the latest free DLC that is hitting Killzone Shadow Fall, in the form of two maps going by the names The Terminal & Stormgracht. They’re two very different styles of locations, showing one of  the Helghast’s defence points in The Wall, and an area that is falling apart where the most desperate live. Two videos have been released to show what players can expect.


First up is Stormgracht a disused spillway where a lot of rubbish has found itself filtered down to. It is also the home of exiles that have escaped New Helghan. It’s not a very safe place as now and again water can and will flood the area and wash things away. Players will have to watch out for that, because if caught in the waves of water you will lose your life.

Secondly is Terminal, the location within The Wall controlled by the Helghast. Here players will have to contend with fast trains going over the tracks, while also trying to avoid each other’s gunfire. There’s many floors to navigate, and it is easy to get lost in. There’s no way of telling where the various ladders lead either, so you could find yourself on the tracks.

Source: PS Blog



  1. More Killzone goodness, lovely :)

  2. I would contest that the spillway is disused! :-p

  3. Free online multiplayer maps is the way to go! It doesn’t divide the community. GG rocks.

    Might just buy shadow fall now because of free dlc

  4. Havent played KZ for ages. As this is free DLC, is it part of an automatic update, or do you still have to go to the store to d/l?

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