WeView: Octodad: Dadliest Catch

I honestly can’t see the appeal of a game where you play as a normal guy. I mean, there’s clearly got to be some appeal to Octodad because people say it’s hilarious and buy it, but when you’re a guy in a suit doing mundane tasks, that doesn’t seem very exciting to me.

Yeah, you can live through this guy’s day-to-day life, from things such as his wedding to simpler tasks such as getting breakfast ready for the kids or going to the grocery store, but beyond that, where’s the fun?

Of course, if you look into the game, you might notice something is amiss; Octodad is not a human being but – spoilers – actually an octopus in a suit. Thankfully, his wife and kids don’t know this – nor do seemingly anyone he encounters, aside from a smart sushi chef who wants to use Octodad for one of his finest dishes.

So, it’s up to you to guide Octodad around these seemingly mundane tasks without arousing suspicion, by hiding your true self and completing each level while causing as little mess as possible. It’s a unique idea for a game for sure, and the co-operative gameplay where you each control one limb adds another layer of hilarity to proceedings, particularly when the randomised, limb-switching roulette mode is on.

We reviewed the game when it released on PC earlier this year, though it has since seen a release on PlayStation 4. Naturally, it was a tough one to review, it’s strongest suit being the comedy value. Stefan scored it 7/10 and concluded:

Young Horses have taken such a unique premise and tried to craft a well rounded game out of it. The amount of enjoyment you will get out of this is so closely tied to how you get on with the controls, and with a controller attached, those are a delight. Sadly, the entire experience is marred by annoying difficulty spikes that put you under pressure, which stand in such stark contrast to the free-wheeling mayhem and fun that can be enjoyed at your leisure elsewhere in the game, but if you can overlook those moments then there is some excellent fun to be had.

I must say, when I played it with both Stefan and Peter before we jetted off to E3, I had an incredible amount of fun, as we tried to co-operatively control Octodad through these simple yet deadly tasks. We never did complete it, but what we played was quite brilliant.

But what did you think? Did you see beyond the guise, or did you really enjoy it for what it was? Let us know in the comments below – try to keep your thoughts to a paragraph or so – and remember to put a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating on the end.

We’ll see you next Monday for the round-up, so make sure to get your comments in by Sunday afternoon to be in with a chance of being included!



  1. I saled it about a month after release, was quite fun, and quite hard at times to control Dad. Replay value depends on if you liked it in the first place, but there are some cool things to go for to get all the trophies, such as throwing a wedding ring onto your soon to be wife’s finger.

    Sale/Plus it.

  2. A charming little oddity with a groovy theme tune, the control method can be a bit exasperating at times but is also a source of humour as you clumsily carry out many of the seemingly simple tasks in the game. (At one point i thought i had mastered the controls – but then realised i had been walking backwards all along!).
    More of a sandbox that’s been split into story chapters than a full game, it does run a bit short in playtime but there’s some free DLC on the way soon so that’ll be a nice bonus.
    Overall, a bit short for full price perhaps so get it on Sale or wait to see if it turns up on Plus.

  3. Octodad’s a tough one. On the one hand, I love it to bits and it’s so utterly charming, but it can often descend into the player(s) fighting with the controls, which can naturally be frustrating. The changes made between the PC release and the PS4 release do certainly help the pacing and tweak some of the most annoying parts from before, but it’s still not perfect.

    It’s really at its best the first time through, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had by cracking the game out to play with friends in co-op mode. Break out extra controllers, Move controllers etc. and set it to roulette mode, and flail your way through the first few levels with a few mates. It’s great.

    If you’re on the fence then get it in a sale, but if you’re looking for a little party game to play (alongside Sportsfriends), then it’s definitely worth getting for a giggle.

  4. I like it not loved. Theme tune was awesome. Handling was intentionally awful. List level was evilly hard with bad with bad controls. Sale it. Sorry in in Paris atm it’s been a very busy week for me.

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