Naughty Dog Streaming TLOU PS4 Multiplayer, Teases Two New Maps

In the lead up to next week’s launch, Naughty Dog has announced it will be steaming an introduction to TLOU’s online multiplayer this Thursday via Twitch. The two streams will go live at 7.30pm and 1.30am BST.

For those who missed it the first time around, The Last of Us offers a competitive multiplayer component dubbed “Factions”. Inspired by the combat encounters in the singleplayer game, it combines a suite of familiar game modes with intense, tactical gameplay. As you go from match to match, your performance will affect a band of survivors who serve as a sort of meta-game.


Between the original and Remastered versions of the game, not a whole lot is being changed for the online multiplayer. All downloadable content fans have purchased will carry directly over to the PlayStation 4 update which also boasts 1080p, 60FPS visuals and a few bonus tweaks.

Sadly, those who have invested hours in the multiplayer already will have to start afresh in The Last of Us: Remastered. There is some good news, however. With all current DLC being available straight off the bat, the online matchmaking won’t be as fragmented. Also, Naughty Dog has some more Factions content in the pipeline, the images above looking like new maps based on the Financial District/Beach segments of the campaign.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. The best news for me is that the annoying 8 multiplayer DLC trophies (which I did manage to get on PS3) have now been made easier. Before you had to finish a game on each DLC map with 3 downs or executions, and 0 deaths. (Sounds easy but isn’t unless your team is winning, as your location eventually gets shown). Anyway, now the requirement is 5 downs or executions and deaths don’t matter – MUCH easier! However, could still be a pain since the DLC maps are thrown into normal rotation, so when you need the last map you could have a wait on your hands!

    • Also, it says they are “targeting” 60 fps. Still good, but presumably not definite.

    • If anything we can always do a TSA meet to help out with those trophies

      • Indeed. Am hoping for some decent TSA meets, as the game is so much better if working as a team, and we can help with the “at risk” challenges if need be.

  2. I want this game, but cant justify paying for it again… lol

    • If you really want it, there is your justification. If you are not going to buy it, you don’t really want it. The game will be superb on PS4.

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