The Last Of Us Photo Mode Captured On Video, Troy & Ashley Reminisce About The Game

The Last Of Us Remastered is nearly upon PlayStation 4 owners, and in the run up Naughty Dog has released two new videos about the game. The first piece of footage looks at the photo mode that will be coming to the game as part of patch 1.01 when it launches, and will only be available for the PS4 version of The Last of Us. The tutorial above explains how to adjust the view, depth, angle and how to apply different filters.


The second video is an interview with Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson who talk about their experience making The Last Of Us, and what the stories that have come as part of the three year process. There is a warning that the interview contains some story spoilers, so if you haven’t played The Last Of Us yet then avoid it.

Source: PS Blog/2


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  1. I just started my second playthrough of TLoU on PS3 today and already had a few moments where i wished for a photo mode, or at least a screengrab. I guess i’ll just have to be envious of the PS4 version for now but i’m enjoying it all over again on PS3 anyway.

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