PS4 Firmware 1.75 Is Out Now – Bringing 3D Blu-Ray Support

My PS4 is happily installing the update file it downloaded overnight. Firmware 1.75 is a mandatory update which offers a little more than the regular incremental “stability” updates – although not much more. It adds 3D Blu-ray support, something that Sony is throwing into an update shortly after the Xbox One’s system software was updated to include that very feature.

It also moves some of the system notification pop-ups from the top right corner over to the top left corner of the screen. I don’t know why they would do that and it’ll be a little bit strange for a while but eventually, we’ll forget all about our shameful right-sided pop-ups and bask gloriously in our completely left-sided world of informative and not-at-all-distracting pop-ups.


They’ve also improved sound during 1.5x playback with Blu-ray and DVD videos. I’m not sure why anyone would want to listen to things at 1.5x speed but now it will sound slightly better, apparently.

Finally, for billed features, there’s a new option in the System Settings that allows you to enable automatic downloads of “Featured Content” to your console (powered on or in standby mode) from the PlayStation Store.

Aside from that, there’s nothing much in the update. If we spot anything new, we’ll let you know and – as always – we’d love it if you let us know of any hidden features you spot in the comments below.

We’ve heard rumours of another update at the end of this year that will bring media playback (like MP3s) back to PlayStation’s flagship console and another possible update slightly later that will add DNLA streaming support to the console.



  1. I just want folders so that I don’t have to navigate a long bar each time (navigating long bars should be reserved for Friday/Saturday nights out). Is that too much to bloody ask?

    Also might be nice to know when people come online &/or a notification of whom is currently speaking in party chat during a game, but I’ll more than happily settle for folders.

    • I’m glad you mentioned folders – I thought I was just being daft when I couldn’t figure out how to rearrange or group titles on the bar! The clutter of the bar really should encourage me to finish more titles and delete them to keep the length down, but sadly I don’t have time and pesky developers keep coming up with fun new things to play, the scoundrels.

      • Exactly this – Whilst the release schedule remains sparse at the moment, it isn’t going to stay that way forever, which means that the issue is only going to get worse.

        Granted, the seemingly ever increasing install sizes of games mean that there’s only going to be so much you can get on the HDD anyway, but mines bad enough with just a handful of games.

        I just want a folder for my disc games & a folder for my downloaded games. That’s about it really.

        That surely can’t be too much to ask can it?

  2. Blu-ray :D.

    As for the “[…]allows you to enable automatic downloads of “Featured Content””, does that really mean “allows you to disable”? Hated the way the PS3 did it automatically.

  3. Catching up with a top 100 films that I’m doing with my friends I watched a lot of 2001: A Space Odyssey at 1.5x speed. Brilliant feature, probably not widely used but occasionally life saving :)

    • While the idea of watching some films in 2/3 of the time is quite tempting, I’m not sure it should be allowed with 2001. It’s a film to be enjoyed slowly at the right speed. And I’ve no idea how long the film is. Is it 90 minutes? Is it 14 hours? Somewhere in between? It starts, there’s some scenes with monkeys, about a week into it, someone talks, a couple of months later it gets weird and then the film ends after about 3 years. (Which doesn’t make it sound like it’s still one of the best films ever, even after 45 years. But it is)

      • Oh no I totally agree and I savoured it the first time, it’s a true epic. Second time around though, having watched a lot of long classics, I just needed to remind myself of the story… whilst I ironed. Kubrick would have my balls in a vice if he found out, haha.

  4. The speed at which they’ve put this out makes me think they’ve had it ready for a while. Either that or there’s no excuse why it hasn’t happened sooner. Anyway, it’s in the past now.

  5. I like the 1.5x feature, very handy for skipping thru a lot of the ‘sizzle/hype’ that ruins most tv shows these days, especially US ones.

  6. Yay! The updated I wanted :/

    • Hopefully 1.76 will be out next week and contain a sarcasm detector. Because that’d be really useful.

      No, really. It would. I can’t tell these days, so I just assume everyone is always being sarcastic. (Which makes everyone seem like a massive arse. But even that makes things easier ;)

  7. Considering the amount of updates lately, Sony should make the automatic update while in standby mode work properly..

    • It does work, but it needs more finesse and user control. The PS4 checks for updates whenever you turn it on or in the early hours of the morning, but only if you’ve not used the PS4 for more than 24 hours (I think it’s 24, but it could be 48).

      Of course, this means that regular gamers are hit with a double whammy of inconvenience as a) the PS4 would theoretically be in regular use and never reach the idle threshold before it checks by itself, and b) patches are released during the day, so today’s 1.75 patch won’t be caught automatically until the early hours of tomorrow morning anyway.

      So it works, in my experience, it’s just that the system is flawed.

      • Ah, that clarifies things a bit. I did think it used to update, but it hasn’t lately, so I assumed it was either broken or I was just remembering wrong..

  8. About time! something that should of been included at the consoles launch but on the other hand my other half os going to pester my life with 3D Disney films.

  9. Great can watch the new Need For Speed 3D movie i bought today and test it out on the PS4, give the PS3 a little break from all the 3D movies the kids have been watching since they have been on school holidays.

  10. Birdy on the inside tells me sony supply Microsoft wkth Xb1 blu ray drives, which is why they both got updated at the same time.

    It also means sony know exactly how many xbox one consoles Microsoft is making (but not how many they are burying)

    • Interested theory but ms will also be using bluray drives in many other of their products. I’ll also add that there’s actually some Microsoft tech in the PS4! Shocking I know, its deep in the online manual somewhere so Microsoft will probably also know how many ps4’s are manufactured.

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