Rogue Legacy Brings Its Heroes To PlayStation Consoles Tomorrow, 30th July

Cellar Door Games has confirmed that Rogue Legacy will be releasing on PS4, PS3, and Vita tomorrow, July 30th. If you’re in North America then it is already out, so you can play it now if you fancy a different roguelike title. The game released last year on PC, so it’s been a while coming to Sony’s platforms. Rogue Legacy will be cross-buy and cross-save title. In terms of price all Cellar Door Games know is that the cost of the game will be whatever the rate is for $16.99 in other currencies. According to XE that’s about £10, but don’t take that as the actual price.


The gameplay of Rogue Legacy features procedurally generated castles to explore, with permadeath enabled. What makes Rogue Legacy different is that once your hero dies their child takes their place, with whatever conditions they were born with. Some heroes may be colour blind, while others are near sighted. These characters are randomly generated so you’re never sure what change to expect next

Source: PS Blog



  1. £9.99 in the UK? Sensible price compared to the US. And £1 cheaper than the PC version is on Steam. And there’s a 20% PS+ discount too.

    It’s got “over 8” classes to play as? So 9 then? Looks kind of fun, but might be one to pick up in a sale.

  2. Watched a few streams of this on PS4 earlier, looks great. I’ll definitely be picking it up.
    It has been confirmed by Fred Dutton on the EU blog as being £10/€13 and will also have some kind of PS+ discount.

  3. A 20% Plus discount in fact!

  4. False advertising, not one death is shown in the trailer and i’ll bet anything the Game Over screen is what people will be staring at most of the time.. ;)

    • You’re only allowed to die 15 times, if you want all the trophies. From what I’ve read, there’s a way to fix the random layout when you die, so you know where you’re going with your next (possibly flatulent) hero. But you’re not allowed to use that for that 1 trophy. So 15 deaths, and you can’t make it easier by removing the randomness.

      Which all sounds wonderfully evil. Not as evil as it could be, for example by having real permadeath, none of this stronger offspring nonsense.

      • Are the offspring stronger so? I presumed that in keeping with the rogue element, those traits would instead increase difficulty in some way, ie colourblind can’t differentiate between safe platforms and deadly gaps, flatulence might affect your careful jumps, dwarfism could lead to accusations of regicide.. and so on.

      • The offspring are stronger. But only if you have enough gold to buy some new armour, level up stats etc

      • It looks like some of the traits don’t do much (farting has no real effect?).

        Some do more. Colourblind makes the game black and white? Vertigo turns the whole game upside down (I bet that’s evil).

        And being gay gives you a different ending and puts some things in different places (because, well, you can insert your own joke there).

        Add all that to the semi-permadeath thing and it’s sounding even more interesting. Knowing my luck, Sony will announce a big sale of “things you forgot you wanted to play and won’t be on PS+ in a couple of months, honest” and I’ll empty my PSN account and not buy it though. Always happens.l

  5. This looks brilliant, very tempted to buy this tomorrow.

  6. Looks like Wonderboy In Monster Land.
    Now I may have to download MacMame again so I can give it a whirl again, it’s been a ‘few’ years.
    Now that was an epic game. I don’t know a single person who completed it

  7. Another pixelated game, how I am loving the ps4.

    • Tell me about it. Although I liked the game I mentioned above, that was almost 30 years ago!

      • I’ll be playing it on the Vita mostly. Looks perfect for a handheld.

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