Rogue Legacy 2 has been announced, and it’s coming out this summer

Cellar Door Games have announced that yes, they’re working on Rogue Legacy 2, a sequel to their hit Souls-inspired roguelite from 2013. Beyond that, details are pretty thin on the ground, but the game is pencilled in for a release this summer.


Much more info is still to come about the game, with Cellar Door promising further details in the coming days, but one thing is abundantly clear: the game is ditching the pixel art in favour of more of a cartoony hand drawn aesthetic. Pixel art haters rejoice! The game still appears to be based on the same system of generating new heirs to each of your characters when they fall, letting you venture into danger with new traits and abilities each time.

As for when the game will be released, Cellar Door vaguely answered when someone asked on Twitter. Though “sooner rather then later” isn’t exactly clear – it could mean in 5 minutes instead of 2 hours, or 2 weeks instead of 2 months, depending on context – it’s sounds like the team are only announcing the game as they’re getting closer to launch. In fact, they’ve put in a tentative “summer 2020” release date for the game’s Steam listing.

Rogue Legacy originally launched in 2013 for PC, before spreading to every other platform out there. It first leapt over to Sony’s trio of PS3, PS4 and PS Vita in 2014, before going green for Xbox One in 2015. A few years later it arrived on Nintendo Switch in 2018, and it was ported to iOS last year.

The game reviewed well, coming out before the deluge of similar roguelites and soulsborne inspired games got a bit… much. We didn’t review it, but did spotlight it in our old Indie Focus feature. Gareth said of the game:

“Rogue Legacy is harsh and unforgiving, but it’s in a ‘losing is fun’ way. You’ll die over and over and the game will keep a backlog of all the characters you’ve lost, just so you can see how many have fallen as you have levelled up, upgraded, improved and finally beaten all the bosses, only to unlock New Game+ immediately afterwards.”

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  1. Oh wow! Absolutely loved Rogue Legacy one of my all time favourites. Those remix bosses are super difficult though. Cannot wait.

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