Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC Lands Today Alongside Titanfall Sale On PC

There’s a lot going on today for fans of Titanfall, with the release of Game Update 5, the Frontier’s Edge map pack and a pretty decent sale on the game on PC via Origin. Let’s start at the top.

Game Update 5 is quite a shift for the game in certain areas. The Black Market is the marquee change, allowing you to buy and sell burn cards (but not resorting to microtransactions). You’ll be able to buy burn cards in faux sticker packs that will vary in price and the value of the cards inside. The Black Market, which will be available once you reach level 11, comes to life thanks to the introduction of Credits to the game which you earn for match victories, completions, daily challenges (another new addition) and selling your burn cards.


There’s also the addition of titan insignias in the Black Market, which will let you customise your titan to a certain degree, alongside a plethora of bug fixes that do things like optimise the bandwidth and frame rate on all platforms and add multi-GPU support on PC.

The patch lays the foundations for the addition of the Frontier’s Edge map pack, out now for Xbox One and PC, but coming soon for Xbox 360. As with the first pack, it brings three new maps to the game for you to fight over, entitled Dig Site, Export and Haven:

However, coinciding with the release, there’s now a little sale going on for the PC version of the game. Heading over to Origin, you can grab the base game for half price, £22.49, the Titanfall Season Pass (with one more map pack to come) at a third off, £13.99, or the two combined into the Titanfall Digital Deluxe pack for £35.99.

Source: Respawn (Black Market, Game Update 5), Origin, via VG247 & Dealzon


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  1. Sounds like a very good update, I wonder if the performance improvements are noticeable on either console?

    I’m still waiting for the Season Pass to go on sale on Xbox Live, it’s just gotta happen soon. Probably the week after I buy it…

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