It’s Time To Get Emotional With This New Sims 4 Trailer

The Sims is coming back next month for the fourth main installment of the franchise, and EA wants to show you some of the new emotions you can put your sims through when it arrives.


We see everything from angry to inspired, but the real high point of the video is seeing a sim become dazed while on a treadmill, which leads to them taking a bit of a tumble.

Announced last year, Sims 4 will be launching on September 4th in Europe. That date currently only applies to the PC version, but it’ll also be making its way to Mac users at some point in the future.

Source: YouTube



  1. Yes! Can Not Wait…. Jokes. My sister will be pleased though. She can put kids in the swimming pool and remove the stairs so they swim till they die again for her kicks.

    • Not anymore no swimming pools in this one….

  2. My girlfriend is all over this game. Just bought her a laptop to play it on.
    Does anyone have final, definite system specs for this game yet?

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