LGBT Pride Inspired PlayStation 4 Sells For Almost £2,500


Swedish retailer Webhallen recently put up for sale a unique designed PlayStation 4 console, dubbed the GayStation, which was inspired by the Rainbow flag of the LGBT Pride. The final price the console sold for was 28,300 Krona which is almost £2500. I actually quite like the design due to how much it stands out from the usual black and white we get these days. I don’t think I’d spend that much money on a console myself, but obviously others will.


However there are plenty of companies out there that do custom controllers and consoles, like ColorWare, who made this lovely inspired Iron Man PS4. There are also companies who wraps for the consoles so if you really want a console that looks like the one above then you can order them for around £20 to £30 from places like here and here. I haven’t tried them out but I am tempted by some of the designs.

Source: IGN



  1. OMG! I need this! its beautiful :) Gaystation rocks lol

  2. Looks good but wouldn’t spend £2500 for it.
    I had a look at the wraps for the PS4 and DS4 the other week when it was really hot and thought that slim bit of plastic could make the PS4 run that little bit hotter. There’s loads of good designs though.

  3. Think I’ll stick with my £10.00 eBay special thank you muchly!
    £249 to customise your own console.. Reckon they get many customers?

  4. I can see the internet exploding in the distance :D

    • with many keyboards bursting into flames on the horizon.

      • How far down the comments on that IGN article can you get before wanting to punch someone?

        It’s inevitable, being the internet. In general. We all seem remarkably sensible here, at least. But anything like that leads to comments about 5 seconds later along the lines of “Why can’t we have a PlayStation for straight people? It’s disgusting. And yet strangely arousing”. (Presumably followed by some vigorous fapping while “thinking about tits, honest”)

        Which is why we still need things like this.

        Also, are the colours on that rainbow PS4 a bit wrong? It appears to be lacking yellow, and has gained an extra, darker red at the back (the red with the PS logo in). There’s even a handy flag in the bottom left corner of the picture to remind you what yellow should look like. Which that PS4 is lacking. If I paid £2500 for a PS4, I’d want the colours to be right.

      • I’m not really seeing why gay people need their own unique PlayStation.

      • Well, we don’t. But the money raised went to some charity. And looking at the comments on that IGN article (and things going on around the world in general), we still need things like that.

      • But why are things like that still needed?

  5. Just created my own dark-purple/white/black PS4 on ColourWare. I’d really like to have it.
    In fact, I’d really like to have a PS4 :))

  6. Looks like Lego, pretty neat. I hope they’ve got a controller to match.

    Not as hot as the see-through plastic of late nineties consoles though.

  7. As much as I hate all the rainbow shite, I do have ultra gay rainbow skins for all my automata in Killzone. Just ‘cos it pisses off the homophobes when they get shot by a gay turret.

    • I bet they secretly enjoy it when you shoot them with your gay turret. Do they keep coming back for more?

  8. What, no Move accessory? Surely a missed opportunity.

    Is this thing rear loading?

    Ha, ha hate me :p

    Seriously though, it does look kind of cool. I’m not confused just curious….

  9. Clearly the person who designed this thing wasn’t gay. It’s hideous.

    • Because if you’re gay, you’re incapable of designing anything hideous? That’s the worst sort of discrimination and stereotyping there is! Or something.

      I’ll go and design something horrible to prove some point, shall I? My choice would be to go for something nice and black, because, well, black goes with everything, doesn’t it? And it’s the preferred colour choice of ninjas. Which has to be good. Also, it’d have lasers. Lots of lasers. Just because I like lasers.

      • Really? How is that discriminating? Generalising maybe. But hey, most gay people I know do have more style than your average person. I guess now I’m offending the hetero’s. And if I’m offending the gays and the hetero’s I’ll have to offend the asexuals too because god forbid I upset them by leaving them out. Maybe it’s best if I stop speaking altogether and that way I wont offend anybody?

        In all seriousness, my comment wasn’t said with malice. Besides – in the interest of equality – I would be more offended that there is a gaystation in the first place.

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