UK Charts 04/08/2014: The Last Of Us Is First Once More

Naughty Dog’s extra shiny version of the PlayStation 3 classic The Last of Us has taken the top spot in the UK charts on just one format, PlayStation 4, beating the multi-format Watch Dogs down to second place. Sales were no doubt bolstered by my slightly drunken purchase of the game at 1am at Tesco’s on Sunday which I am now playing at this very moment, rather good isn’t it?

The remastered title is the fifth largest release of 2014 to date and also the fourth largest launch on the PlayStation 4, just behind InFamous: Second Son. The rest of the charts are the usual Call of Duty / Lego / Minecraft mix with the Lego Movie game benefiting from the school summer holidays, noticeably absent is Titanfall which has slipped out of the top ten.


Here’s the UK Top Ten for the week ending August 2nd:

1. The Last of Us: Remastered (Sony)
2. Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)
3. FIFA 14 (EA)
4. The LEGO Movie Videogame (Warner)
5. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Microsoft)
6. Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (Sony)
7. Sniper Elite 3 (505 Games)
8. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision)
9. Battlefield 4 (EA)
10. Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)

Source: GFK-Chart Track



  1. Yep, it is rather good.
    I’ve managed to work my way through TLOU & Left Behind on Survivor mode already, then I jumped into the multiplayer and got my butt kicked.

    I did have a bit of luck as fortunately somehow I managed to avoid triggering the clickers and runners who should have already been roaming around in the tunnel just before the hospital near the end. Their audio was present & Ellie mentioned there were so many of them in her dialogue, but luckily they just weren’t there.

    Anyone tried watching the documentary? I thought it was on the disc, but when I play it, it seems to buffer and pauses for about a minute every 5 secs.

  2. Just been watching a few YouTube videos of the PS4 version (of TLoU). I swear, every time I watch ten minutes or more of the damn thing I’m hankering to play it again and again. Confoundedly awesome game.

  3. got this as my first ever pre-order (and I’m 34). Only managed 2 hours so far, dying many times, but it is unbelievably good so far. Even with all the hype. It is just game design at its best. Love how tense it gets in the dark areas containing clickers.
    It almost feels like what Resident Evil should be aiming for.

    • I feel that there’s a lot that other devs could learn from Naughty Dog but in a sensible way where they cherry pick the bits and bobs they need (usually film industry levels of production) and then apply it to their own title(s). I love the gaming industry – I truly do. However, it’s such a shame to see new generations being ushered in, only to get (mostly) the same old fair again and again.

  4. I’ve had a crazy busy weekend but my copy of TLoU Remastered arrived on Saturday morning and I just had to replay that opening scene again. Amazing. Cant wait to play more. Looks incredible on ps4 too. Well deserved #1 this week.

  5. Its the first time I’ve played TLoU, didn’t know much about it. But now I can’t get enough, it’s a masterpiece. I get the hype now. And visuals rival shadow fall for me, stunning. Sound is best I’ve come across on ps4 too.

  6. Great news for TLoU but I wonder if it includes my copy that I’m stop waiting for. The first and last time I’m using GameStop to preorder things. I wouldn’t mind but I’ve had a few days free where I could of played it. Probably come tomorrow when I’ll have no time to play :-(

    • Damn even Zavvi managed to deliver my order before yours. Zavvi… I know how you feel though. My ps4 never arrived on launch day because Amazon messed up and I was gutted. Really annoying when it happens.

      • Wow Zavvi are better than Gamestop. I never thought I’d utter those words.
        It is very annoying but it’s given me a bit of chance to edge closer to the end of Watchdogs so not all bad, apart from the story ;-)

  7. Tried to resist the urge but I’ve ended up buying The Last Of Us again. Only played through it once on PS3 as I felt it wasn’t a game you should play twice, but I’ve gone against that with no regrets, although I’m now incredibly poor.
    Looks even better on the PS4 with the biggest improvement being the frame rate. Character movements are so much smoother and life like, especially during the cutscenes – makes a huge difference!
    Yet to dip into the multiplayer, but I already know what to expect. Looking forward to trying Left Behind though.

    • I’m well impressed with the cutscenes. Like you say, I’m guessing it’s down to the 60fps as they do look very life like… It’s weird.
      I changed the frame rate to 30fps for a bit out of curiosity to see if I could notice a difference and it’s staggering, I was actually shocked, it looked awful in 30 after playing in 60.

  8. Spent most of yesterday and early today playing it on PS3 and completed my new game +, also completed first playthrough of Left Behind. I’ve been a stickler for the PS3 version but replaying it reminded me why it deserves to be on next gen consoles too. Awesome from beginning to end.
    I don’t know what i’m going to play now.. :(

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