Velocity 2X Will Be Flying To Release On September 3rd For PS4 & Vita

Futurlab has announced via the PS Blog that Velocity 2X will be releasing next month on September 3rd. The sequel to Velocity Ultra will feature more than just the challenging teleportation shoot ’em up option, as in Velocity 2X pilot Lt. Kai Tana will exit the Quarp Jet to navigate various platformer stages and fight back against hostile aliens. The game will support both cross-buy and cross save but there was no price information in the post.


Velocity 2X will feature bosses that you can destroy by flying inside of and destroying their cores, while on foot you’ll blast away with gunplay that has 360˚ shooting. I played a bit of Velocity 2X at EGX last year and even then it was in really good shape, with all the gameplay coming together very smoothly. The artwork is looking very nice too, and if the final release is even better than the EGX demo then we’re all in for a treat.

Source: PS Blog



  1. That date just screams PS+ IGC to me….

    • They’ve already said that iant happening. Buy it :)

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