PS Vita Firmware 3.18 Available Now

Word from Sony’s official Twitter account today is that PlayStation Vita firmware 3.18 is on the way, and you can probably guess what it does.



Yep, that good old software stability stuff. Per usual with these small updates, it didn’t even warrant a post on the official PlayStation blog, so you can probably bet that it won’t be anything noticeable. That said, we could all use a bit of stability in our lives, right?

Source: Twitter



  1. I’ve lost all hope for a complete interface do-over. Those bubbles look so sad compared to the PS4 interface. Will they ever change it? Maybe Vita 4.0 will come out the same time as PS4 v2.0? Is all hope lost? Will the sun rise tomorrow? Will they get rid of these damn bubbles. Aren’t these the questions we all want answered! (And no, 42 is not a usable answer)

    • But the PS4 interface is awful! The only good part is quick access to the top line, the bottom one with games and applications is a nightmare once you get a decent number of games.

      • My extremely high tech suggestion of ‘folders’ would sort that though. :)

      • Imagine how I feel about the Vita’s interface knowing how horrible the PS4 interface is. Folders would be a great idea, how’d you come up with that!?

      • I quite like the vita ui, it is quick to navigate.

    • If you’re using FW 2.02 or less you can use this CFW to change the interface to the XMB

      • The video just shows a psp emulator running within the Vita operating system.

        I’m not a fan of the Vita’s ui either but I do like the ps4’s.. Yes it would be much better with folder support but the voice commands to find and launch I think work great.

  2. I agree, Im new to Vita and i hate the interface on it…. so no idea how people feel who have had it for ages…

    • I’ve had one for quite a while and hated it since day one and every day that followed :-(
      Apart from the interface, do you like your new Vita and what it has to offer?

    • We just try to get into a game as quickly as possible and cry ourselves to sleep most nights.

      • First world problems are a b*tch. It’s either complaining about Vita or a lawsuit over 1080P in Killzone :-)

  3. Yep, woke up to this on my Vita… Another largely pointless seeming update!

  4. Improves system software stability…

    In English: We fixed exploits used for homebrew because all homebrew is piracy… :(

  5. Probably something to do with this video showing a vita CFW hack from 2 days ago

  6. Hopefully some Ratchet & Clank Collection patches. :P

  7. The only thing I really want is being allowed to use multiple accounts on mine, without having to backup/restore 26GB every time. But that will never happen. :o(

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