Twitch Reverses Decision On Highlight Limits & Adds Appeals For Audio Recognition

Yesterday Twitch unveiled some major changes to the services it provides, some of which were not welcomed by the community who use it. One of those changes was a limit on how long highlights could be saved for, 14 days for regular users and 60 for Turbo twitchers, while the length of these were also restricted to two hours  maximum. Another change was the addition of a system similar to Youtube’s Content ID program, called Audio Recognition, which flags up audio that may be copyrighted and mutes saved videos.

After the outcry by the community Twitch has decided that maybe these weren’t the best approaches, and have decided to change the changes. First off the highlight limits will not be put into place, meaning you’ll be able to save them indefinitely and create long videos exceeding two hours. Additionally while the Audio Recognition system will not be taken offline Twitch has added an appeals process so users who are affected can contest the flagging, and restore audio to their videos if successful. Twitch has said there will be other changes too.


We read all of your feedback and we take it seriously. Expect more changes, more clarity, and more improvements on our recent updates in the days to come.

It’s good that the company listened to its users but a part of me wonders how long it will be before the restrictions are reintroduced

Source: Twitch



  1. I don’t know if I’m being dull here but, technically, given most games have some form of background music, won’t most saved streams end up muted due to copyright?

    • Nope, yours is a very valid concern.

      They said in the AMA on Reddit yesterday that the system would be tweaked and tuned to avoid blocking a game’s original soundtrack. Licensed music and for a soundtrack or something played in the background by the streamer would see stuff get blocked.

      The problem is that what they’re implementing right now is far too overzealous, and will block 30 minutes at a time (something they’re working to reduce) and could feasibly catch just background music. They rushed it out of the door, along with all these other changes, and it hurts and annoys their users quite a lot. They should’ve taken their time.

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