Lara Croft & The Temple Of Osiris Gets A Release Date

Square Enix have given a release date of December 9th to Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, the co-op focused successor to 2010’s Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (not to be confused with Rise of the Tomb Raider, the sequel to last year’s Tomb Raider reboot). It’ll be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Also announced were several preorder bonuses for the game, a couple of which include character skins and weapons from a few other Square Enix games, such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution. There’s also a throwback pack from previous Tomb Raider games.


Square Enix noted that there’s a season pass on the way as well, which will grant access to two future DLC releases, ‘Icy Death’ and ‘Twisted Gears’, both of which include new tombs to raid, new collectibles and weapons, and six additional costumes per pack.

Finally, there’s the gold edition. It includes the aforementioned season pass, as well as a cute little 3” Lara figurine, a concept-art book, and an overworld map of the game.

This announcement seems to be only be aimed at North America, but it’s likely the gold edition and preorder bonuses will also be coming to retailers in the UK. If you want to know a little more about Lara Croft’s upcoming adventure, check out our recent preview.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. So it’s not a PSN game? Or is it like Trials and will have a physical release too? Be perfect to play over xmas!

    • It looks like physical and digital, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the brick and mortar stores are just selling a download code.

      • Is that what happens when you buy physical copy of Trials? Is it actually just a download code in a box?

        Was looking towards disc versions as much as poss to try and save hdd space, as it’s already nearly half full and I only have a few games!

      • No there is an actual disc in the Trials case,unlike say Child of light retail copy.

    • Looking at the Golden Edition picture more closely, the retail version will include a download code and not a disc, so more in line with Child of Light and not Trials Fusion.

  2. Looking forward to this. Was thinking it was going to be £12-15 on Psn however it’s £28 on ShopTo. The first was good but it wasn’t a £28 game. Will have to wait for more info.

    • Ooo, tits! No chance. Not unless it’s been hugely fleshed out (like at least double the size game). It was fun, as you say, but not £28’s worth of fun.

      • Well, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is what, £10? No doubt this new Lara Croft title will jump up to around £15 on PS4, and then chuck in another £8-10 for the Season Pass, there’s £25 of value already, then you’ve got your artbook and 3″ Lara figure. I’d say you’ve got your £28 covered. imo anyways.

  3. They must be cashing in on the 50 quid a shout PS4 price tag to sell a PSN game for that amount. I can’t imagine this game being anything other than a PSN title, which in fairness will be a cracker if anything like GOL, but not worthy of a PS3 retail disc price range!

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