DayZ Coming To PS4

The zombie simulation smash, DayZ, is set to come to PS4, as confirmed by the creator of the game at Sony’s Gamescom conference.

There’s no trailer yet, so it seems to be very early in development, but there will be improvements to the overall DayZ project alongside the PS4 version, with a visual overhaul across.


DayZ started off as a modification for ARMA II, but was eventually developed into a standalone version which launched on Steam last year and sold one million copies within its first month.



  1. See you in 3 years.

  2. I will always call this the English manner Day-zed. Never the daisy way as it doesn’t say it ;-)

    • I did too until I saw the ‘Morgan Freeman plays Day-Z'(or whatever they are called) video’s.

      It’s now firmly in my mind as Day-Z & nothing else. :)

  3. LOL this game is awesome there are even hacks

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