Watch Us Play Sony’s P.T. Interactive Trailer

We’re all done now. Tuffcub got a bit stuck there towards the end, it seems like a very confusing puzzle. Let us know how you get on with the game in the comments below!

One mystery of Sony’s Gamescom conference was what the P.T. interactive trailer actually entailed – they showed people being seemingly shocked and scared, but left us none the wiser of the full contents.

Thankfully, we’ve got the brave and intrepid Tuffcub to play the trailer. We’ll give you some time to get settled, so we’ll be streaming it (and Tuffcub’s reaction along with it) from 8pm. You can watch using the embedded stream below or by clicking over to the Twitch channel here.




  1. my god, that’s terrifying.

    and the game seems pretty scary too. ^_^

  2. Absolutely belting coverage as always guys. I’d be lost without TSA with work, gym etc :-)

  3. I missed the stream but been playing myself, did you get as far as the looping red corridors with the eyeballs in the picture frames? That’s where I got stuck, although moving the letters of “hell” stopped me for a while.

    • Stuck same place. Noticed when looking in mirror your reflection is gone but maybe nothing to so with puzzle. Anyone got past this? If so pass on info.

  4. I had to look online but there is a peephole in one of the walls, next to one of the toilet rooms where the door is still closed, you can peer in. I could;t see as had my brightness to low. :-/
    Think my game crashed after I got to the next section, but I’m going to carry on tomorrow.

  5. Yes there’s a pic on the floor. Toggle R3 to look through hole then see what happened to his wife. I’ve managed to get to 00:00 with some gongs and his wife haunting but no joy yet. One incident made the radio say “your locked now huh?” Very creepy demo.

  6. I’m stuck with the hanging fridge. Not sure what to do

    • Hanging fridge go to phone you see the word hello! Look away and the e goes then look away again and h goes then look away and l gies now go back to hanging fridge and look on the wall it spell hell.

  7. Ok now a little further blue torch light. At midnight section look down where the teddy bear is.

  8. Anyone figured out the 204683 riddle yet?

    • No that came over radio at start maybe a phone number or code later in :)

  9. Still stuck at midnight section had red green yellow, blue and normal torch lights :)

  10. Actually nearly got it just need to find picture pieces 1 left

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