inFamous: First Light Includes An Arena Mode And A Platinum Trophy

Sony made the new trailer for inFamous: First Light part of their Gamescom conference, and now they’re opening up a bit more about what exactly is included in this first DLC pack for inFamous: Second Son.

To begin, First Light is a prequel and takes place about two years prior to Delsin smashing his way on to the scene. You play as the neon-weilding Fetch from Second Son (you knew that), and you’ll experience progression very similar to that of Delsin when you take the reigns. Fetch has her own side quests to complete separate from her critical path, and she even has her own version of blast shards to collect, which are used to upgrade her skills and powers in the same way it worked for Delsin.


Although Fetch’s story is said to take around five hours to complete, only a portion of Seattle will be playable, which is likely a limitation caused by making the DLC playable without Second Son.

After you finish the story, you’re not done with First Light. It also includes a brand spanking new arena mode, where you take on multiple waves of enemies inside Curden Cay, which you may remember is a prison built specifically for conduits. As you complete these waves, the layout of the arena changes, and the enemies and objectives become more difficult.

The end goal is to clear every level in the most efficient way possible, which grants you a score that shows up on a leaderboard for all your friends and the rest of the world to see. As a nice little touch on the side, Sucker Punch added the ability to play through the arena as Delsin, but only if you own Second Son. If that wasn’t enough, they also included an entire collection of new trophies, including a platinum.

inFamous: First Light launches the week after next on August 27th in the UK, and the day prior in North America.

Source: IGN



  1. Not too sure ab-

    *Platinum Trophy*

    You know what, I think I might have to get a copy of this.

    • Haha, quite an effective sales-boosting tactic, I know for sure when I tell my friend about the platinum he will now get it.

  2. I’m looking forward to this,I wasn’t expecting a platinum though!

  3. Great idea this – someone like me who wasn’t sure about buying Second Son gets to sample the series without paying full whack. And as it’s a prequel I can always go and grab Second Son later and feel I’m starting at the right point.

    Not sure why the disc release is out 11 or 12 days after the digital one though, although I’m gonna hold out for the disc version to save HDD space.

    Great news about the platinum, I guess they’ve been able to do that as it’s a full disc release. I just hope there aren’t too many difficult arena trophies, since I imagine I’ll suck as someone new to the series.

    • Its the PS4, you’re still gonna have to install the entire thing anyway. And the game won’t be huge compared to other PS4 games. AND the disc release is more expensive than the digital version!

      • But, it has a re-sell value, and I’d rather have a case than thin-air for my money ;)

        And I got it for £11.99 which is cheaper (I think) than the Store version!

      • Also it installs in seconds from the disc against potentially hours over the Internet. You can backup your save, delete game data, reinstall when you want to play again.

  4. I never really got into imfamous 1&2 but really enjoyed second son. I will be getting first light at some stage.

    I think I will wait PS now to play the first two.

  5. Fetch’s abilities were definitely my favourite in Second Son (apart from concrete when fully upgraded) and she was the most interesting NPC too.

    The term DLC seems quite loosely applied given that it’s stand-alone and has a platinum trophy but looks like a lot of content so, good times.

  6. Sounds good, even the arena part sounds interesting.

  7. I lived the PS3 inFamous dlc/stand alone Festival of Blood, so I am very much looking forward to this!

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