Paradox Interactive Will Let You Set The Law In Cities: Skylines

Fresh out of gamescom Paradox Interactive has just announced Cities: Skylines for PC, and it is coming from the same team that developed Cities In Motion. The developer has confirmed that Skylines will have mod support from day one, have a 36km squared size map, will be available to play offline, and you can create your own regulation laws in different districts. There will also be curved roads!


It’s quite obvious that Paradox saw the backlash against EA with SimCity, and makes sure to draw attention to the things that outraged those fans by stating they won’t have to worry about them here. You’ll be able to interact with neighbouring cities by drawing their inhabitants to come and try the attractions of your city. Wonders will also play a part in making your city stand out from the others too. There’s also water flow simulation that will add new challenges to managing the water needs of your city.

Source: Paradox Interactive



  1. Sounds promising, I still forget that I’ve got simcity in origin.

  2. Just hope its actually a good game. Paradox seem to like releasing broken games.

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