Papers, Please Heading To PlayStation Vita

At Gamescom Sony reaffirmed its support for indie developers, announcing PlayStation 4 versions of games such as extreme sports sim SNOW as well as Q.U.B.E. ² and smaller, more obscure hits like Papers, Please.

That last game on the list came as a bit of surprise. Though immensely popular among the PC crowd (as with good reason) at face value it just doesn’t seem like the sort of game we’d see on consoles.

Now more PlayStation users will be able to give Papers, Please a spin, Sony’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad announcing that the game will also be coming to Vita:

Set in the fictional albeit inspired nation of Arstotzka, players assume the role of an immigration inspectors, checking the passports, permits, and other documents of passengers looking to gain entry.

It’s a unique experience and one I would encourage everyone to at least try. Its increasingly complex gameplay and dystopian backdrop really set it apart from the crowd.


  1. Looking forward to giving this a try at some stage.

  2. I think I’ll day 1 with this. I really enjoyed ign let’s play of it.

  3. Looking forward to buying this for Vita, hope the price is good.

  4. Now then!

  5. Might give it a go at some point.

  6. I’ve seen the buzz about this game on PC and although it does look a little basic, i think the gameplay sounds interesting enough to give it a go.

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