Play As A Young Boy With A Big Gun In PS Vita Exclusive Kick & Fennick

Jaywalkers Studio, which is comprised of just two people, has revealed a new trailer for PS Vita exclusive platformer Kick & Fennick. The game is a platforming title that spans 40 levels in which players control a young boy named Kick who finds himself in a new world, and he also has a gun. Soon after waking up in this new world Kick must run from a guard robot, and he is saved by a flying robot called Fennick.


The story has the pair embark on a journey to the get to the Core Tower, as Fennick needs a new battery, all the while trying to escape from the robot that is chasing them. There’s no release date though Kick & Fennick is set to release this year. I quite like the look of it, and the game looks like the perfect title for the Vita.

Source: PR



  1. Looks very good !

  2. Sweet! I like the looks of that.

  3. Sweet! I like the looks of that.

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