Vita Platformer Kick & Fennick Gets A Launch Trailer Ahead Of This Week’s Release

A launch trailer for Vita exclusive Kick & Fennick has been released by Jaywalkers Studio, showing off more of the platforming gameplay. Kick & Fennick is launching as a PS Plus title, and will be available to download for free for subscribers once the store updates. The game takes place across 40 levels with the goal of reaching the Core Tower.


Players take control of Kick, a child who somehow acquires a gun, with its recoil helping Kick cross large gaps, while Fennick will be able to revive him should the jumps go a bit wrong. It supposed to be a relaxing platformer, and you can judge that for yourself when the game goes live. Kick & Fennick really does look like the perfect Vita game.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Sweet. I do love my Vita however it has been receiving a good ignoring of recent.

  2. This looks sweet. Though call me crazy I do find it a bit jarring that what looks like a 7 year old can pull of some spectacular feats. I know its a game but still….I don’t know, It’s like…really!!

    Ok end of my evening ramble. Looks great though, and its free.

    • What? You mean to say that the skillset on display is not indicative of every 7 year old?

      There goes my plans for an army of 7 year old ninjas then.

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