inFamous/Sly Cooper Developer Sucker Punch Faces Layoffs

We’ve got a bit of depressing news out of Sony this morning as they’ve confirmed that one of their most popular game studios, Sucker Punch, have faced a round of layoffs. We’re not entirely certain how many are involved in the job cuts but the wording from Sony to IGN makes it sound like more than a few.

SCEA can confirm a reduction in workforce has taken place at Sucker Punch Productions. Sucker Punch is appreciative of the tremendous work team members contributed to the inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper series, and wishes them the best in their next endeavors.

The team at Sucker Punch is best known for their work on the Sly Cooper and inFamous franchises, and they’ve been making games exclusively for PlayStation platforms since 2002. Most recently they released inFamous: Second Son on the PS4, and its stand-alone DLC, inFamous: First Light, launches next week.


We here at TSA are sending out all the happy thoughts we can possibly muster to those affected, and hopefully everyone involved lands safely on their feet.

Source: IGN



  1. Never a good thing to hear.

    Hope they all find something soon.

  2. That’s surprising, especially given that Second Son sold so well.

  3. I wonder whether it’s a case of the studio is in good shape, but now First Light is out the way they may not currently need certain people. Anyone know whether they’re currently working on anything? Could it be a case of paying people sitting around ’til they start a new project? Not sure how it works in this industry.

  4. Tends to be the way in the industry when projects wrap up. You will find that for the next few months they will be planning their next project and will then start recruiting again. Its just not viable to keep loads of people employed to work on nothing! This is nothing to worry about or a sign of impending doom.

  5. This is likely just because they’ve reached the end of their current projects and don’t need all the contractors for now because they’re just designing their next project. Most developers are like this because they can’t afford to have too much on the go at once.

    By contrast, EA, Ubisoft and Activision has proportionally less layoffs because it has so many projects on the go and overlapping that it can time one project to end just as another reaches a stage of needing those employees. That’s how they can pump out so many titles so frequently too.

    If the games industry as a whole switched to a more agile development model there would be less need for these sorts of layoffs, but its difficult for traditional software companies to do it, let alone a game developer which has much higher budgets and more pressure on them to succeed.

  6. This is something we see a lot of in the industry. Chances are they will begin their next development cycle with a smaller team initially and then hire more people as needed.

  7. Makes sense I guess. With development of Infamous and the DLC finished, some members of staff will be surplus to requirements.

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