Destiny PS4 Bundle Will Be Priced At £349.99 According To GAME Store Twitter

Destiny is set to be one of the big blockbusters of the year, and Sony has enough faith in the game to release a white PS4 bundle containing it. It also appears that those of you who are waiting to pick both up may be able to find yourself a decent bargain, at least according to the Twitter feed of the GAME Ocean Terminal store.

That’s an amazing price considering you’re essentially getting Destiny for free. It’s not entirely clear if this is a GAME promotion or if this will be the price across the board. A quick price check around the internet shows Amazon has a bundle priced at £379.99, though that looks like it is with the black PS4. GameStop has a similar deal though at £369.97, while Shopto has a price in line with Amazon.

Source: GAME Twitter





  1. I don’t mind paying the original price,but if this turns out to be true BONUS :)

    • maybe correct is a better word than true :D

      • It is indeed correct and the website has been updated with the new price SWEEEEEET :)

      • Yep, just got an email from customer services confirming my pre-order has been changed to the lower price. Awesome.

      • indeed my confirmation email came just after 4am this morning :)

  2. That’s a very tempting deal for people trying to warrant buying a PS4.
    Anyone just after Destiny on PS4 should check out Tesco Direct. They’re offering a free wireless headset which looks fairly decent.

    • The headset says wired but it’s a good deal. It’s £45 with £5 further off if you use the promotional code on the page. So £40 for destiny + headset.

      • Depends which headset it is – The ‘official’ PS4 wired stereo headset (made by 4gamers) is pretty poor. Mine crapped out after just a couple of hours use.

      • I just pre-ordered FIFA from Tesco. I used that £5 promotional code and a load of vouchers which got the double point boost treatment. When you take in account it’s free delivery too it’s cost me next to nothing.

    • Thanks mate, just ordered it. Here’s the link if anybody else wants it:

      Also the headset IS wireless and £5 off runs out on Tuesday

  3. YES! Preordered this as soon as it was available. Got £10 extra points too. Now I just need to trade in my black PS4. Great news.

  4. The white console is only available at game which kinda sucks. I decided to just get a white ds4 to use with my psv tv :)

  5. Maybe Game are trying to make up for some of the horrendous bundles they put together themselves when the PS4 was released.
    I remember my local Game store had 2 PS4s left – One was the Killzone Mega Bundle but they were only selling it as a part of their own bundle including extra Blu-ray movies, a years disc protection and a bunch of other stuff for close to £800. I could be completely wrong here but I was under the impression they were breaking the law as they were stopping you from buying the KZ bundle on its own whilst having one in stock and forcing you to buy the other junk.
    The other PS4 was a lone console but they’d only sell you that if you took on some extra Game warranty rubbish and a load of blu-rays, an extra DS4 etc… similar deal basically.
    It’s like a Newsagents refusing to sell you a Mars Bar unless you buy a can of Coke, Haribo Starmix and a copy of Hustler to go with it. Surely thats illegal???

    • This type of thing make me livid, however I’m not sure they are actually doing anything wrong. They are a shop and can probably sell whatever they want for however much they want. If I wanted to sell my PS4 and games its like you telling me its against the law to sell them together and I must sell them for the price you tell me to sell them at.

      That sounds a bit odd too.

      • This is true, but you as an individual aren’t restricted by consumer law – Game would be.

        However, if you asked them about it, I am sure they would have to back down & sell the bits you wanted.

        Although I would buy the Mars Bar, Coke, Haribo and Hustler deal. Sounds like a great bundle.

      • Stonyk – I’m not too sure. If they have bundles in stock which have a RRP and are supposably supposed to be sold on there own as a bundle, things may be a little different. I’m pretty sure this is why you have RRPs and so forth.
        If Disney found out you were only selling their DVDs if the customer also bought your DVD player and 2 years protection or something similar they’re not gonna be best pleased. Especially since you’re selling goods off their back if that makes sense. I could see you getting a severe slap on the wrist.
        As for ‘supposably supposed’, does that even make sense? I know what I mean anyway. :)

        & Forrest – That does sound like a pretty sweet bundle!

  6. Asda currently selling it for £349 and my friend had a voucher too, so just bought it for £329. Bargain !

    • Amazon now selling the normal bundle for £330. Absolute bargain

  7. This sucks… One of my mates has just pre-ordered the bundle and I know another will shortly so we can have a laugh on co-op so it looks like I’m gonna end up buying & playing this anyway even though I didn’t think much to the boring beta or graphics. Thats what a good mate I am I guess, they’re so looking forward to us all playing. Lol

    Anyone know whether the visuals will improve since the beta?
    Also can I set the PS4 to display I’m begrudgingly playing Destiny when I’m online?

    Seeming I’ve completed Infamous and I’ve ordered FIFA 15, I could see what deal I get for trading in Infamous and Fifa 14 for a copy as I really don’t want to spend 50 golden coins on the stupid thing.

    Wonder how much this will boost PS4 sales. Why is everyone so obsessed by this mediocre game?!!!! :)

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