New Microsoft First Party Studios Outed

Although many publishers rely on existing teams to create the latest and greatest games, Microsoft seem to be setting up several new first party studios, which is a great sign.


Leap Experience Pioneers (LXP) were discovered a few months back, but now their website reveals more of their sister studios, with job application links. Those studios are SOTA (State of the Art), [FUN]ction Studios, Good Science, NP, and Platform Next.

Naturally, there’s no word on what they’re working on but LXP are “looking for an experienced creative individual who can help us bring Microsoft’s next big IP to life” according to their job listing. That could be quite exciting.

Via NeoGAF



  1. Wow! This is a surprise. Their exclusives and renewed push of games games games are actually tempting me to pick up an xbone this autumn. Much earlier than I got a 360 last gen to go alongside my playstations/psp/vita.

  2. Nice to see them investing in first party studio’s after all the timed exclusively stuff that’s gone on.

  3. Great let’s hope there’s lots of new non-fps IP’s.

  4. I bet Phil Spencer wanted to do this for years but got blocked by the old dinosaurs who now most have been fossilised.

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