Dragon Age Inquisition To Feature Online Multiplayer

Here’s a little surprise to perk up your Wednesday morning. Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third title in BioWare’s role-playing series, is will include online multiplayer for up to four players.

It’s a strictly co-op affair, largely inspired by the success of Mass Effect 3’s own multiplayer offering. In essence, players can rally together to take on dungeons, mowing down enemies and grabbing loot along the way.


Much like Mass Effect 3’s wave-based shooting galleries, players will select a semi pre-defined character, each one hailing from the warrior, rogue, or mage archetypes. Each of these agents of the Inquisition has their own distinct playstyle, mirroring the progression options available throughout the singleplayer campaign.

BioWare has confirmed that whatever you do in multiplayer strictly exists in that online environment. Whatever crossover there is with the main game won’t affect your singleplayer progression or the outcome of the story.

As mentioned before loot is a big focus in multiplayer. While dungeon crawling you will find all sorts of equipment and materials that can also be used in crafting. Even if the loot isn’t much use to your character, you can always keep it and then switch to another during your next dungeon crawl.

Another feature making its way over from Mass Effect 3 is the online store. BioWare stresses that there is absolutely no pay-wall here, meaning anyone can earn top-tier gear without having to actually spend real money. In short, if you have a few quid to spare chances are you’ll be on the fast track to better loot.

With much of the snobbery surrounding add-on multiplayer having dissipated over the past few years, this latest offering could certainly give Inquisition an edge going into the end-of-year free for all.

Source: IGN



  1. Am I the only one that is incredibly worried about the Single player campaign? It’s looking more and more like an action game and less and less like an RPG the more I see it and most importantly, less and less like Dragon Age. Like a skinned Mass Effect.

  2. The “snobbery” (certainly in my case) was mostly due to the fact the multi-player was shoe-horned in, in order to justify online passes & quite frankly it just wasn’t that good so shouldn’t have been made essential to many previously single-player only games.

    Now most games producers have sensibly dropped this requirement in favour of custom-user / time-savers DLC, which I can live with as it isn’t essential. I’ve no issues with paying for DLC that can be viewed as an extension to the plot / side-missions, if I’ve really enjoyed the game although I do think the Catwoman missions for Arkham City were contentious in this – not essential to the game but really should have been included.

    That said, the ME3 co-op multi-player was excellent fun & one I’m more than happy to go back to on occasion.

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