Watch Us Play OlliOlli On PS4

Should've worn knee pads.

Landing to a lot of critical acclaim and positive fan reception on PS Vita at the start of the year, OlliOlli was, as I said yesterday, one of those games that had me hooked. Its tricky control scheme was one that I quickly adapted to, and I was soon trapped in that familiar “just one more go” feeling.

Now that it’s on PS4 and PS3, coming with cross-buy and cross-save to the store today, it makes the game eminently more shareable. So I sat down and struggled to talk about the shift from PS Vita to home console while grappling with one of the later levels. The only thing missing is a picture-in-picture video of my fingers and thumbs freaking out on the DualShock 4… 


  1. Just bought it, why not, its only a couple of bucks and seems fun. Skipped it on vita for some reason and happy I did as it is cross-buy now :-)

    • It’s retroactive cross-buy, so if you had it on Vita before, the PS4 and PS3 versions are free for you.

    • What’s a couple of bucks in ‘normal’ money?? As in, what does it cost in pounds sterling? ;)

      It’s probably really addictive, but it looks a little crappy IMO (as in visuals), so it would have to pretty cheap for me to take the plunge.

      • Yeah, the visuals were already pretty utilitarian on Vita, and the port hasn’t really improved on any of that. (I vocalised this really badly while trying to avoid face-planting)

        Oh, and it’s £7.99, but there’s discounts for this launch.

      • With Plus is was €8 so should be around £6.50

      • Ah, thanks folks. Not sure if I can justify that price if I am honest, so I may hang on & see if it appears as a plus game later down the line.

        Seems very suited to it, being cross buy & all that.

      • I was waited for it to be on Plus for a while but given the fact that they brought it to all other platforms I decided to not hold my breath. (have been wrong about this before)

  2. The visuals are pretty basic but it’s really addictive.

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