Nidhogg Will Be Brandishing Its Sword On Vita, Cross Buy Confirmed

A few months back Nidhogg was announced for the PS4, and now Messhof has announced that the fencing title will be releasing on the Vita too. The title will support Cross Buy with both PS4 and Vita releasing at the same time, though when that is hasn’t been confirmed yet. There will also be cross platform multiplayer between the two consoles through wi-fi, while there will also be ad-hoc multiplayer for Vita.


There is a single player portion of the game too which pits you against the AI, and a tournament mode too that will support between 3-8 players to up the stakes. Nidhogg has gained quite the following with the PC audience, with quite the positive reception from gamers and critics. We’ll have to wait to see how well Nidhogg is with PlayStation gamers, though I can see it splitting opinions just down to the way it looks.

Source: PS Blog



    Ps4 are you having a laugh?
    We deserve better than this surely?

  2. Damn it. Just packed away my Vic 20 and there’s a new game out!

  3. Daedelus is the only acceptable thing about this game.

  4. I love Nidhogg. I think it’s great fun to play and is one of the best local multiplayer games around. Will I buy it when it’s released? No, as I’d be fairly confident in saying it will be part of PS+ in a few months time.

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