What We Played #171: Metro Redux, Olli Olli & Madden 15

Kicking things off with Aran this week he reports that he’s been enjoying his return to the universe of Metro with dashes of added flair courtesy of Metro Redux.  Check out his 9/10 review. Having seen it offered for as little as £25 he reckons it’s “well worth that price”. He’s also played Tales of Xillia 2 for a review which you’ll be able to read next week.

What do you get if you mix Stefan, Watch Dogs and remote explosives? This…


He’s played some Olli Olli on PS3 and PS4 which has reawakened his former addiction and he topped everything off with some time trekking coast to coast in The Crew, the video of which you can also find elsewhere on these pages.

Blair has played through “a decent new third person platforming IP”, The Last Tinker, as well as the final episode of The Walking Dead Season 2. “The final episode was devastating and brilliant at the same time, though never quite reached the heights of season one.”  He found inFamous First Light to be “really enjoyable despite it being more of the same in most parts”. He feels that the battle arenas bring something new and enjoyable to the franchise though.

The refreshingly honest Dan J reports that he was “absolutely awful” in a few matches of Call of Duty Ghosts. But then the excuses began… “I’m sure the opposing team were superhuman. Their reaction speeds were so fast – of course I blame my internet connection. They were better than the AI set to veteran, so I rage quit.” There’s also been some Football Chairman played on his phone. He’s made it to the year 2083 so far and complains that in those 70 or so years England have only won the World Cup once. The game seems overly optimistic to me.

And that just leaves Dom to see us out:

This week I’ve been mostly playing Madden 15 as I bought into EA’s Access. To be honest, I had bought it for Battlefield 4, Madden 25 and early access to Dragon Age, and really I had no interest in Madden 15 at all.

However, it’s genuinely a huge step forward for the franchise, with playing defence just as much fun as offense. What this ultimately led to was far too much soul searching over whether to carry on on Xbox One, or buy it for PS4 where I mainly play, with the X1 winning out due to having played six hours of it already.

I also played a good bit more of Diablo 3, which is still absolutely awesome. I’ve downloaded the Mario Kart Mercedes DLC too so I’ll give that a go tonight.

What have you played?



  1. Mostly Wolfenstein for me, with some Watch Dogs, Hohokum, Strider and Dead Nation sprinkled in.
    Decided to give Killzone another go and i’ve reached the end bit, and it’s certainly canon for this Killzone game, in terms of frustration. :/
    Also this week i fell off the wagon and drank two buckets of Minecraft.

  2. I’ve played mainly Lego the hobbit on Ps4. I would of played through TWD episode 5 on the Vita it been released, in which I spent most of Wednesday just updating store to see if had been released. It hadn’t to my great frustration. I think I’ve been too annoyed to play much else apart from the hobbit since.

  3. I’ve played a lot of Red Dead this week, got my single player stat up to 99.2% (think I just need about 8 or so more bounty contracts) and also collected a few more of the trophies. Still got a long way to go though!

  4. I bought the Wolf Among Us with the Summer Sale, my first trip into a Telltalr Games experience. It was a blast, a wonderful journey into Fabletown. I liked the mechanincs and especially the story. Seeing all those famous characters have a troubled life in a bad part of NY gives a unique twist to their lives. I definetly want to go back and make all the other choices in the game just to see how it could play out differently.
    After finishing with Bigby Wolf madness started as I wanted to finally get my first Platinum in Hotline Miami. I played it nonstop, like a junkie relieving and old feeling. Even got the secret trophies. Now I am two trophies away from my first Platinum in my life. I have to get it!

  5. Mainly Watch Dogs for me this week although I’ve recently bought a new 3dtv so I’ve been trying out the old ps3 games on it (since Sony abandoned 3d for ps4). Shadow of the Colossus is a truly beautiful game.
    Bought Metro 2033 off the store yesterday and gave that a good go, but I seem to be stuck at a bit with Kahn which I can only assume is a glitch and he’s suppose to start talking but hasn’t.
    I really want to play the last of us remastered but for £40 I can’t really justify it.

    • Ouch that doesn’t sound good, ive just started so hope I don’t get glitched. The graphics are amazing for its age, great atmosphere aswell

  6. Picked up metro redux and pvz, I hope pvz is good, not played it yet

  7. Split second, tried a bit online but got owned so trying to open up the good cars through the single-player. Good game.

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