Custom Themes Coming To PS4 And PS Vita In Next Firmware Update

It’s no secret that the PS4 launched while it was still missing many of the software features that the PS3 had built up over time, and one of the regular complaints has been surrounding a lack of customisation to the way that the PlayStation Dynamic Menu looks. With the PS3, we’ve long been able to alter the background colour, load up dynamic themes with moving characters and so on, but the PS4 was stuck with the same blue background no matter your preference.

As part of firmware update 2.0, however, Sony are bringing themes across to the PS4, such as this example featuring Toro:


The PS Vita isn’t being left out of the fun, though the addition of themes to the handheld are to be of a decidedly more static nature. For those who tire of the bubble-tastic interface, this looks like it removes any hope of a shift to a more modern flat interface similar to that of the PS4, but themes will at least give you custom icons for core system software. This is set to be part of firmware 3.30.

Some examples of PS Vita themese include Danganronpa, Freedom Wars, Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines and Phantasy Star Nova, as you can see in this gallery:

Alas, there doesn’t seem to be any rough timeframe for the release of these firmware updates, with PS4 firmware 2.0 set to bring a number of other changes and additions, such as the previously announced SharePlay.

Source: SCEJA Press Conference, via CVG, The Vita Lounge



  1. Will be a great update – themes and YouTube upload compatibility. Just need game folders now and I’ll be very happy!

    • Love that the PS4 themes are two-tiered too!

    • Folders have to be part of a theme, right?



      • I hope so Forrest!

      • Not a peep out of them about folders, I’m afraid.

      • Could well be toys out of the pram time….

    • I’d much rather have custom game folders than themes. That long string of game icons isn’t very aesthetic. On the subject of themes though, there better be an aquarium one similar to the one they did for PS3.

    • PS4 v2 is looking great and seems to address a lot of my “wants”. Looking forward to it!

      Got rather excited this morning when my PS4 said it needs to be updated to go online… Only to find it was just 1.76 :-( lol

      • But 1.76 gives more stability. Which has to be good. Or at least better than “have some pointless themes while we ignore everything else you want”.

        It’ll soon be so stable, I’ll have to fill it full of tasty horses.

  2. I miss the themes from the PS3 so this is good news. Some of the dynamic ones released were nothing short of fantastic.

  3. Yay!you cant beat a bit of customization!

  4. I wonder how much they will be charging for the PS4 themes on PS store?

    So I’m guessing with there will be additional support for custom made ones via usb transfer?

    Anyhoo any change is a welcome change unless they remove something.

    Quick question (unrelated) Anyone else having issues connecting to the store when another app (example Netflix) is open. I always have to close the app first which is annoying?

  5. Can’t believe it’s taken so long. Themes/backgrounds/avatars seem like a fairly decent revenue for essentially doing nothing (or very little). I admit, I only actually bought one 20p avatar in my entire PS3 career, everything else was free, but people must have been buying them in order for there to be so many!

  6. Will be nice to have themes back.

  7. Hurray :) Getting bored of that blue background

  8. Lovely stuff, they should really allow for the background colour to be changed too.

    • This, I like the background as it is, but some different colour would keep things fresh.

  9. So how long before the Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton double theme based on “recent pics”???? :)

  10. Good news for the PS4, I personally like the seasonal colour change on the PS3 so hopefully that makes a return. The Vita theme news though, hmm, seems like more of a cash in as there’s already a massive range of player-made backgrounds with cleverly arranged spots for the bubbles and zips for the lock screen.

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